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Clayesmore Prep & Senior Schools - much homework?

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ForPetesSakeNotAgain Mon 22-Dec-14 11:34:33

I can see from their website that Clayesmore has quite a long day - 8.30ish to 5pm plus Saturday mornings. We can cope with this if we have to but not if there is much homework to knuckle down to as well.

Any Clayesmore parents able to fill me in on how much homework is set please?

CharlesRyder Mon 22-Dec-14 20:43:15

I don't know about Clayesmore but DS's Dorset prep has long days from Reception (8.15 - 3.45 in pre-prep and 8-5 in prep) and sets plenty of homework.

Don't assume Dorset means deckchairs!

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