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Proof reading!

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Hakluyt Sun 21-Dec-14 13:02:13

How can my ds learn to proof read? His spelling and grammar are excellent in theory, but his written work is full of mistakes, even after he says he has proof read it. He just doesn't seem to see them. I can't help because it seems to come naturally to me- I can't remember not being able to proof read. He takes a lot of care over the content of his written work and gets good marks- but exasperated comments about elementary mistakes. Any ideas? I thought about those old fashioned passages with no punctuation I remember being given at school- but I'm not sure that would help. I'm sure he could do them easily. It's just proof reading his own work that's the problem!

AnonyMust Sun 21-Dec-14 13:15:53

I'm assuming he's in secondary school?
For spelling: have him proof read from the end, going back towards the beginning. This way, he's more likely to see each word in isolation than see it in context amd make the assumption that it's correct.

There's a fab. book with passages to correct in terms of spelling and punctuation:
Put it Right: Proofreading Activities, Photocopiable Masters: Proof-Reading Passages to ...

AnonyMust Sun 21-Dec-14 13:53:31

The resource above is best suited to those in secindary school or to adults who have a tendency to spell rather phonetically, omit punctuation marks and not to notice their own errors / omissions.

AnonyMust Sun 21-Dec-14 15:44:24

Oops. I clearly didn't read the question (posted under Secondary) and forgot to proofread my response - SecOndary.

Hakluyt Mon 22-Dec-14 08:37:46

Thank you very much- I'll get the book. I though of giving it to him for Christmas but I think that would be a bit mean!

AnonyMust Mon 22-Dec-14 10:00:04

Yes. Might be. Lol
Susan Daughtrey also writes some fantastic books on punctuation, grammar, etc. The font is small and packed together. Not pleasant to the eye. However, it's good stuff!
There are punctuation books 1 (see link), book 2; punctuation books 1 & 2 and 6 spelling books.
Punctuation Rules and Practice: No. 1 (English)

newgirl123 Mon 22-Dec-14 14:30:03

One of the reasons people use proofreaders is to have a second pair of eyes - it is very difficult to check your own work carefully as you are too close to it.

Reading backwards as suggested might be a way to spot errors.

SpearmintLino Mon 22-Dec-14 17:37:36

Reading out loud will also help - it's surprising how many errors can be spotted by listening rather than reading. Good luck with it!

Feellikescrooge Mon 22-Dec-14 21:23:49

Where I work we make pupils proof read with a different colour pen( the purple pen of power!). Try pencil but get him to actually change things. Reading aloud is also useful. It needs repetition to become second nature. Pupils can usually correct others work; it is their own that they fail to correct.

Littleturkish Wed 24-Dec-14 11:28:55

Agony I love that reading backwards tip! Fantastic.

AnonyMust Wed 24-Dec-14 11:37:07

Any time. I'm a dyslexia assessor. My pupils find it more effective than reading forwards while they match the words to their memories / voices.

cdtaylornats Sun 28-Dec-14 20:28:52

Get him to produce and use a checklist. After a while it will become second nature. Encourage him to add to the checklist as time and feedback goes on.

We use this at work to persuade people who think they know how to write to produce readable text.

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