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Substitution (Simultaneous Equation) Puzzles

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TheLovelyBoots Thu 18-Dec-14 14:08:16

I found this puzzle on the NLCS 11+ sample paper. Can you suggest where I might find more? (I couldn't copy/paste, sigh)

heart triangle smileyface triangle = 99
smileyface triangle triangle heart = 99
heart smileyface heart smileyface = 154
triangle heart smileyface triangle = 99
= = = =
142 99 ? 99

roguedad Thu 18-Dec-14 21:15:50

It sorta helps to assume that the numbers are all being added. Is that right? Then the problem makes sense. Comparing two pairs of different rows and columns give
smiley = triangle +12;
heart = triangle + 43;
Then writing any one of the 99 rows all in terms of triangles gives triangle = 11. The rest follows, e.g. smiley = 23 etc.

TheLovelyBoots Thu 18-Dec-14 21:45:45

That's right. My question is where I might find a worksheet of such puzzles? I can find only very few one-offs.

noblegiraffe Thu 18-Dec-14 23:21:55

This is an excel spreadsheet which will let you generate your own puzzles of this type

You'll need to create a TES account first though.

roguedad Fri 19-Dec-14 06:34:11

My point was rather to check first that you meant addition was being applied to the symbols. Once you know that just make up some other combinations of 3 weird symbols, give them each a value and put them in a grid in such a way that you have 3 independent combinations to add up that are shown as row or column totals. If you have less than 3 independent sums exposed there could be more than one answer so make sure that is right. You really can just make these up. You could explore working with 2 symbols or perhaps 4 to give kids something to think about.

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