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Wimbledon College Reviews

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Ella80 Thu 11-Dec-14 15:54:46


I was wondering if anybody has any opinions on Wimbledon College? Their results plummeted 2 yrs ago I believe and any threads I read are old.

Are there any Mums there who have kids there now and have any feedback. Im stressing about which Merton secondary school to send to. Dont mind fee paying, although Kings at just under �20k a year a bit much....

Any advice or suggestions!!!

Wobblypig Fri 12-Dec-14 21:42:59

Not much choice is there? We are also Merton residents and will have to look out of the borough. Many of the privates out of the borough have buses from wimbledon.

thatmum50 Fri 12-Dec-14 22:00:25

Yes, they had a rather poor set of gcse results in 2012 but got them back up in 2013 with their best ever (81%) and this year with 75%. Overall I do believe it is a very strong state school, definitely the best boys state in the area, although still obviously not as good a private school such as KCS, Wimbledon.
From what I have heard they have v good g&t and special needs departments but average academics can get a bit lost in the middle. The extra curricular is also strong, rugby being played until Christmas and then football from Christmas till Easter and then cricket/athletics in the summer. They also run many drama performances and showcases.
Hope that feedback helps.

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