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Dropping down to 3 A levels in Yr12

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ParentalGuidancex4 Tue 02-Dec-14 10:23:51

DD is struggling to study a subject which she had to take to make up her 4 options.

PE was prooving too difficult so her only option was Business. She had to catch up on all that had been taught in business whilst she was on the PE course, never took business at GCSE level and is struggling hugely.

It is consuming alot of her time trying to make sense of it and impacting on her other subjects, media, fine art and photography.

She has asked to drop to just the 3 A levels but school is not keen. Infact they have said it's not an option. Her friend in another school insisted on only taking 3 subjects and they bought it.

She is at a new school for 6th form and they are very accommodating in helping her settle in, she's made several new friends but business is bringing her down.

Any suggestions. For the record she will drop business at A2.

Walkinginfog Tue 02-Dec-14 11:07:49

At the DCs school you can't drop your 4th AS until after the mocks in January.
It's still early days - I would suggest she just tries her best without worrying too much, and definitely not letting it affect her other subjects (easy to say, I know).

skylark2 Tue 02-Dec-14 19:45:34

DD dropped her fourth A level at the October half term. She'd been ill and it was clearly a bridge too far. No regrets whatsoever (she's now at uni).

I do not understand why kids who aren't massively academic, and you'll have to excuse me making that assumption from your DD's option choices, would even try to do 4 A levels. There isn't a university course in the country which asks for more than 3.

Tell the school she is dropping the 4th A level and why.

Unexpected Tue 02-Dec-14 21:46:36

What does she want to do after A levels? Depending on her future plans, she may struggle with the particular combination of subjects she is taking to be accepted onto a course so a fourth AS in business might help. If she is planning an apprenticeship or to go to work, then it seems pointless to struggle with a fourth subject.

happygardening Tue 02-Dec-14 22:35:01

My DS1 wanted to only do three AS's he's dyslexic and life would have been much easier if he'd done three, he had the support of the learning support dept but he would have been under the required hours to be in full time education so he wasn't allowed to.

Jellified Wed 03-Dec-14 22:37:46

My ds dropped his 4th AS early in Y12. It was never a problem. He use The extra time for study and HW.

MillyMollyMama Wed 03-Dec-14 23:31:37

My DD did the subjects your DD is doing except English rather than Media. I know that Art and Photography are VERY time consuming and the AS photography exam is probably next term and Art deadlines will be looming. My DD was stressed at this time and believe me, it will be worse next year. Anyone doing 2 Art based A levels has to have a very strong work ethic and there is a certain amount of sneering above which is unwarranted. These subjects, taken at A level are tough and demanding and require talent.

Young people choosing this combination of subjects usually see themselves doing an Art based creative course where academic subjects are not any particular use and some Universities offer places based on 2 A levels! The London College of Fashion does, for example. If she wants to go down this route, then her Art and Photography results are paramount and no-one will care about BS or Media AS. She has to nail the Arts subjects though and this would also be required for an Art Foundation Degree. I think she needs to be clear about what type of course she wants to do post 18 and persuade the school that reducing to 3 AS/A2 subjects is fine. Photography degrees, for example, are often UCAS points based with 3 A2 subjects counting towards the total. Creative people should be good at what they do, and that does not necessarily include Business Studies or Media! I hope she can persuade the school that her artistic talent is worth more than an AS in Business Studies.

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