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Scholarship decision Stowe or St Edwards

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mumyoga Tue 02-Dec-14 07:03:02

Any inside info on Stowe and St Edwards to help us decide which is better for 6th form. We have scholarship offers from both. Both look amazing. All rounder from Stowe and Sport from Teddies. Slight concern about how monied Stowe is, we are ordinary people.

dartmoordreamer Tue 02-Dec-14 23:01:44

I don't know anything about either school so can't advise, but have similar problem (posted under Blundell's vs Taunton School), DS has been offered sports scholarship for both for sixth form entry and can't decide!

Your son has an enviable choice; I should think both schools are amazing but I know Stowe does have a reputation for being quite monied.

Anyway hopefully this will bump your post up a bit and someone helpful will reply!


happygardening Tue 02-Dec-14 23:15:47

As both have fees well in excess of 32k and neither has huge generous bursary pots most parents at either are likely to be pretty well off in the grand scheme of the things.
I personally would go for Teddies if he likes sport as it's becoming better year on year and pastoral care is pretty good.
The buildings at a Stowe are gorgeous as are the grounds if your DS wants more of a rural life with Beagling and riding and you want lovely grounds and buildings choose Stowe.

Abra1d Wed 03-Dec-14 08:37:00

I would probably go for Teddies as I think teenagers enjoy being nearer the town centre.

Lucky you to have the choice! smile

happygardening Wed 03-Dec-14 08:41:34

I agree with Abraid most teenagers want to be in or near a city with all it has to offer.

mumyoga Wed 03-Dec-14 08:57:49

Thank you for you comments. It's my first time on mums net.I see how it works now. I forgot to say I have a daughter!! But the comments are duly noted. We are coming down in favour of St Edwards at the moment. They have been amazing in their attitude, couldn't be more helpful. Stowe are less bothered.

happygardening Wed 03-Dec-14 09:08:38

In my experience the sort of response/help you receive from admissions offices etc before you start is an indication of the sort of response/help you'll receive from other staff when you arrive.

Myrtille Wed 03-Dec-14 10:06:19

Our son went to Teddies. Some parents are unbelievably wealthy, others are scraping by. It really didn't seem to bother the children. Ours just laughed off the excess at times.

Our son is proud to have gone there which as parents helps dull the pain of the fees.

mummytime Wed 03-Dec-14 11:05:45

I'd go for St Edwards personally - I've known girls there who were very happy.

mumyoga Wed 03-Dec-14 12:35:21

So far no Stowe mums comments. I think that says something in and of itself!!

ColdGlassofWine Wed 03-Dec-14 19:16:03

My daughter has been at Stowe for 3 years and I'd certainly recommend it. Yes, there are very wealthy children and very ordinary ones too, on the whole they're a pretty grounded lot .
What sport does your daughter play ?I'd say the hockey is pretty similar at Teddies and Stowe in terms of the results they achieve. The lacrosse at Stowe is fantastic and I think the tennis is stronger at Stowe too.
Yes, Stowe is in the middle of nowhere but the grounds are amazing and the quality of the girls boarding facilities is very good. The kids have great fun, there's always something going on and there are frequent trips out and about so they aren't incarcerated in the school grounds. Quite frankly with school until Saturday lunchtime and then afternoon fixtures my daughter is more than happy to just relax with friends anyway in free time .In the sixth form there is Stowebucks for socialising and pupils are allowed to drink a regulated amount of alcohol !

Gunznroses Wed 03-Dec-14 20:12:39

Is there a 'Stowebucks' equivalent at Teddies?

mumyoga Thu 04-Dec-14 14:50:02

There is. I have just returned from there and they have a saturday night club night and are allowed 2 alcoholic WKD's or similar. If they go out on a saturday night that may be breathalysed on return! No bad thing.

kitkatter Mon 07-Nov-16 15:00:46

We are looking at Teddies and I am wondering whether you chose it and, if so, how you have found it, mumyoga?!

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