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Taunton School vs Blundells - again!

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dartmoordreamer Mon 01-Dec-14 22:04:00

Hello, just looking for some feedback re the two schools above. DS has been offered a very good sports scholarship from both schools for Sixth Form entry but is torn between where he'd rather go. Same % off the fee. Both schools are reasonably local to us so he will be day with maybe some flexi-boarding. Rugby and athletics are his passions, he is average academically, socially very outgoing and makes friends easily.

So, with lots of things being equal between these schools (fees, distance away etc) does anyone have any insight on the character of the two schools? Ethos? Reputation? Academic rigour?

DS will be moving from a fantastic state school where he is currently Head Prefect, Rugby Captain etc so is not exactly a shrinking violet ;)

Many thanks

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