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Year 11 ds. School have agreed maths teaching has been unacceptable.

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jellyhead Fri 28-Nov-14 14:04:59

Last year my ds was at level G for maths.
We've supported him with one to one tutoring and joining a maths tuition set but it slowly dawned on me how poor the teaching of maths was at his school.
After a meeting the school have agreed with me and said the teacher will be supported and monitored in her lessons.
I appreciate the school admitting it but don't know how to respond.
Should I ask for him to move sets or to have regular feedback re his progress ?
He has an IEP as has ASD so I do communicate with the SENCO. Shall I ask his advice?
He has his GCSES next summer so feel sick it has taken me so long to take action especially as he kept telling me lessons were a joke

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