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What to wear on work placement?

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ViMummy12 Mon 17-Nov-14 15:31:47

I am doing a joint education and social work degree with my uni but because it is a mix of both have found it hard to get potential work placements to get back to me as they don't understand the context of the course properly. Anyway back to the original point one high school has returned their call to me and wish discuss a placement further with me. I need to start as soon as possible as already fell behind some of the class due to not being able to secure a placement on deadline, so I'm thinking ahead and want to be prepared for when I go into the school. What do you normally wear when working in a high school? I've only worked in nurseries and one primary school but because the classes were all year 2 and under I was always just told to wear old comfortable clothes as they would be getting messy and I wouldn't be interacting with parents anyway as I'm only on work experience. I don't feel that would be the same conduct in a secondary school though (or would it? I'll be working in the art dept) I was thinking leggings and tunic tops or something but when I think of my teachers at school they always wore pant suits and such. I don't really want to dress over the top though, like I'm going for a business interview when I'm only assisting the actual teacher and it might get mucky anyway. Think I'm just panicking I won't make a good first impression and they will reject my placement when they see me. :s

mrssmith79 Mon 17-Nov-14 15:47:26

I'd invest in a couple of pairs of smart, well fitting (comfy) trousers. Black and maybe grey. No need to break the bank - Asda and Sainsburys do some pretty good ones. Tbh, I'd steer clear of leggings. A few tops and a couple of cardigans and you're set. Was browsing last night and the everything 5 pounds website have quite a few 'work' tops in so no need to break the bank if you're not going to get a huge amount of wear from them. And good luck / congrats! smile

Purplelolly2000 Wed 19-Nov-14 23:18:51

I'm a secondary school teacher and I'd agree with mrssmith. Smart but not over the top. I don't think you need to wear a suit but you do need to look professional. Sainsburys will have exactly what you need to kit yourself at a reasonable price. Smart trousers and a nice top, no t-shirts etc. Cover any tattoos and piercings (I have some but I hide them all away). I'm not sure how far into your course you are, but when I trained there was a good chance that if you impressed your placement you might get offered a job so you want to make the best impression. You can always become more relaxed if you get to feel more comfortable.

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