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Sixth form/ further education colleges

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homework Fri 14-Nov-14 22:31:44

Hi at that stage where been looking around further education / sixth form options .
Have seen a couple , one we didn't like , second reaseheath which we really liked and has varying options if he doesn't do as well as we like in gcse .
Anyone who has a child here , or recently had a child here what has been your impression of the place and is the support that on offer as good as they say it is . There also a course here that I feel would suit his personality so much , he also liked it very much and very keen but wondering about losing his friends .
Other option is to stay in school he's in and try for btech and maybe one / two a levels , but would struggle with this and would have to be on school about support , he likes it here knows teaching stuff , although has had a high turnover of changes in staff , as relatively new school. Works hard and has his friends here , although couple of them will be leaving as already in sixth form .
It's hard decision , still have couple of others to look at , and when asked head about it , he said to have more than one option open , so that has few plans in progress if he doesn't get grades , but he's more than happy to keep him in sixth form doing repeat gcse and a level , btech if that's what he wants to do .
Although nice to hear that he things that highly of him that's he's happy to keep him within his school .

TeenAndTween Sat 15-Nov-14 19:57:13

OP, try re-posting with Reaseheath in the title.
Isn't that where Ruth Archer went? smile

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