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Liphook area/Christchurch area/Southbourne area

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fullcircleagain Fri 07-Nov-14 09:26:51

Hi there

We are looking at moving to either be in catchment for:

Bohunt/MSC/Woolmer Hill

Twynham - Christchurch

Southbourne - Bournemouth.

So I guess we obviously need to visit all these secondaries. However, I am also needing to very quickly visit the primaries in time for moving and admissions. Will really need to get a wriggle on if we are to move in time.

Can anyone be wonderful and tell me of the nicest primary (I know it's subjective but hopefully there is some consensus) which would work with having a child in these secondaries. Don't mind being a little away from the secondaries if it's still in catchment.

Any information would be immensely useful. Thank you.

fullcircleagain Fri 07-Nov-14 09:28:05

By Southbourne, I meant nearby for the grammar school if my dd passes. Thanks!!

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