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Shrewsbury school sixth form 2015?

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AriaBarkley1 Wed 05-Nov-14 06:06:16

DD has recently applied for Shrewsbury school sixth form for entry in sept 2015. She hasn't done the entrance exams yet but we were just wondering if anyone has any opinions (positive or negative) of the school?

DH is of the opinion that letting in girls of all ages could be a warning sign but I'm not sure if it's an issue.

DD enjoys swimming, maths + sciences (fairly academic) and arty type things. She's also an avid reader.
She would be going as a full boarder so we're very interested in the quality of pastoral care and boarding facilities.

Thanks in advance!

0verseasmum Wed 05-Nov-14 09:07:45

DD at Shrewsbury. Loves it. I don't think taking girls has to be a warning sign. They've had female sixth formers since 2008. Third form allowed about 30 girls in as this was going to be their first intake lower down the school however there were requests for girls starting in their GCSE year. There was only room for 12 girls in Fourth Form and 10 went I think. I'm sure there is a place you can check out a schools finances but I don't know the link. Hope all is well. The school is growing so I heard.

JugglingChaotically Sun 09-Nov-14 09:26:14

DD has applied too Aria so may see you next weekend! She's an avid reader too and would be a full boarder.
Think they've gone co-ed in a very measured way.
Would be interested in anyone's experiences.
And thanks overseasmum. We considered it after your comments a little time back.

JugglingChaotically Sun 16-Nov-14 08:59:34

Aria. Did you DD go to the assessment weekend?

AriaBarkley1 Mon 17-Nov-14 03:08:53

No, we didn't as DD is applying from overseas (sorry, forgot to mention that in original post), so we've organised for her to do exams at her day school.
How was it? Did your DD like it?

JugglingChaotically Mon 17-Nov-14 07:00:10

DD loved it!

AriaBarkley1 Tue 18-Nov-14 05:46:11

That's great to hear! I think DD was a little disappointed that she couldn't go but she has school exams on so she really can't take time off at the moment.

JugglingChaotically Tue 18-Nov-14 06:37:15

When does she sit the exams, Aria? Not sure when results are out, do you know? Good luck when she does.

babyfedleaning Wed 26-Nov-14 19:54:11

I assumed letting girls in was a calculated move to improve their exam results?

0verseasmum Thu 27-Nov-14 18:23:06

wow and your calculated move is???????

babyfedleaning Thu 27-Nov-14 19:37:18

No agenda. Just compared with other independent schools in Shropshire SS's results weren't all that dazzling. Just mine and DH's personal opinion (DH went there and we live locally). The policy in the old days was to accept at CE passmark of 54%. It's has definitely not been an 'academic' school traditionally. I imagine they want this to change.

0verseasmum Fri 28-Nov-14 04:37:37

People do look for well rounded schools you know. if the focus is mostly on academics then try as you like but you will lack in other areas, important areas. Whoever made academics the top criteria is setting our children up for problems in the future. Give me a well rounded school any day over an academic hothouse. I am happy to see schools wanting to raise standards, and hope they do so using their own yardstick not anyone elses and not at the expense of children's well being. Good academic results do not produce better people IMO.

babyfedleaning Fri 28-Nov-14 09:57:02

I quite agree, and there is excellent extra-curricular provision and superb facilities at Shrewsbury - I don't dispute that. I would want superb results as well though if I was paying as much as you are.

JugglingChaotically Sat 29-Nov-14 05:18:17

I agree, Overseasmum, we turned down academic day school for DD.
Shrewsbury's result at A level look good. Pre U is not for the cowardly!
Valid add and broad education is what we are looking for ......

JugglingChaotically Sat 29-Nov-14 05:19:55

Am worried about whether there are enough non local boarders though - haven't talked properly to school about this yet.....
We are too far away to come home other than long weekends.
Worry too that some events appear to be times for local parents?
Anyone know more about this?

0verseasmum Sat 29-Nov-14 10:11:07

We are new this year and it seems children only go home for the coach weekends which are once a half term. Could be wrong on this. We were told it was full boarding so going home is discouraged. Buses run for this if you need. There is a lot going on at the school for parents and being away we cannot attend but aunt and uncle do all the time and are welcomed. Would like to go ourselves though but not possible for us. Parents evening are tagged onto a coach weekend or holiday so parents are there. Thats as much as I can tell you at present but well worth asking the school. My DC1 got 9A* and an A at GCSE and chose an all round school rather than a highly academic one, had a great time and did well. Now second year at uni. Was at a school that did empty out a bit at the weekend but TBH it was sat night til sunday and they were glad of the quieter time. Each to their own I guess. But do ask the school and let me know what they say.

JugglingChaotically Sat 29-Nov-14 16:04:39

Thanks for that. Current school doesn't have Saturday school and so is very empty at weekends.
Works if you are weekly but at Shrewsbury we could be too far to visit and no family local either. So need to be sure.
Will let you know!

JugglingChaotically Sat 29-Nov-14 16:05:14

Sorry not could be but would be. Close to 200 miles on way!

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