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Ilkley Grammar School

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foxyterrier197 Sun 02-Nov-14 10:00:19

Am looking for some advice... possibly moving back north next year. Does anyone know what the chance of securing a place for my daughter starting in Year 9 at Ilkley Grammar might be? Would be renting initially, so can be flexible. Originally looking to move to Skipton, but assuming that Skipton Girls would be completely out of the question, and not sure it would be for her anyway...Airville seems to get bad press?

Any info or thoughts very gratefully received.

foxyterrier197 Mon 03-Nov-14 10:11:51

Just been told by Admissions that Ilkley Grammar school is full. Any bright ideas welcome... we also love Skipton as a place to live but a. Not sure she is a grammar school girl, b. Guess we've missed the boat on that too!

Hobnobissupersweet Tue 04-Nov-14 19:48:33

Many schools will be full, but there will be some movement between now and next September and if you are close enough to the school that would put you up the waiting list, just leaves the problem of what to do whilst waiting for a place.

foxyterrier197 Tue 04-Nov-14 21:40:12

Thanks Hobnob.... it seems like too many things need to align! Am wondering if we move to Ilkley and are denied a place, how likely a successful appeal would be?

NessaYork Sat 29-Nov-14 11:43:51

Have you looked at The Mount in York? Weekly and full boarding, solid academic record and pastoral care is a big plus. My DD is there and loves it.

Hobnobissupersweet Sat 29-Nov-14 21:15:43

Bit of a difference Nessa, mount is private, girls only and Quaker ( so distinct ethos), ilkley grammar is a high performing mixed sex comp. like comparing chalk and cheese.

foxyterrier197 Sun 30-Nov-14 19:22:17

The Mount sounds great Nyssa, but cannot afford unfortunately! Still keen on Ilkley, but nervous about taking the plunge and moving if not guaranteed a place! A difficult decision as not sure what we would be allocated if no place available! How do you co-ordinate a long distance move and make sure everyone is happy?!!!

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