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Full boarding schools near Manchester

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Donthackmenow Sun 02-Nov-14 06:03:40

My dh currently works in a very 'well known' boarding school in the south whic provides accommodation for him and the family. It is a very lovely area, he works insane hours and we certainly could never afford to buy a house here.
We have just returned from 'up north' and had a great time. We loved how close the city and the country were. We were talking about maybe making the move but don't know any of the schools. Any suggestions of schools to look out for?

Hairylegs47 Sun 02-Nov-14 06:42:58

I've heard Bolton School is good and Stonyhurst I think it's called. We live overseas so always need a back up in case it all goes sour. Those were the 2 schools we looked at simply because they are near family and housing in the area isn't a ridiculous price.

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