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Dorset, Hampshire or Surrey - decision time

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fullcircleagain Sun 02-Nov-14 00:13:41

So after scouting pretty much the whole of the south, it is now time for us to home in for our long-lasting move.

We have narrowed our move down to three choices. We would so appreciate any thoughts and to know which option you would find more appealing. We have two children coming up to seniors and a child heading for juniors.

Option 1). Bohunt secondary school in Liphook. The school looks lovely although I'm a bit worried that Liphook, Liss and surroundings would drive me crazy being quite rural.

Option 2). Weydon in Farnham. Farnham looks a lovely town and Weydon looks quite impressive.

Option 3). Move to Christchurch with the option of Twynham or Bournemouth Grammar School (both children would have a good chance).

So - that's it. Option 1,2 or 3? You helped me name my child, can you help me choose my new home?


BlueStringPudding Sun 02-Nov-14 00:31:08

Have a careful look at Weydon's admission policy, they give priority to children at their feeder schools, so in order to get a place your child may first need to get a place at one of those schools.

Both Weydon and Bohunt have good reputations, although have heard that Bohunt is a very large. it's a lovely area in which to live.

Agggghast Sun 02-Nov-14 05:27:06

All three areas have good schools because of an easy catchment area. You need to dig deeper to see the real quality of education. Look at the information on 'closing the gap' on OFSTED's data dashboard, Bohunt is much more impressive than Weydon under those terms.

SpottyTeacakes Sun 02-Nov-14 05:49:45

Bohunt is supposed to be excellent. The catchment area runs wider than the places you mention. Pretty sure they pick people up from Midhurst etc.

smellylittleorange Sun 02-Nov-14 08:50:44

Can you not be in Petersfield but kids go to Bohunt? At the moment they are trying to take all who apply? Fwiw I loved TPS when I visited such a lovely , happy vibrant school and the results were v good when looked into in detail...wel compared with my part of hants anyway! Love the headteachers and really think it is going places so watch that space too

TalkinPeace Sun 02-Nov-14 13:31:24

Bohunt or Weydon
or another mention for TPS
the towns are very nice and you are only 40 mins from the South Bank on the train

selective school areas are such a gamble, why risk it

trinity0097 Sun 02-Nov-14 18:10:37

Liphook is right on the a3 so really easy to be somewhere bigger, like portsmouth or Guildford if you need more urban things.

Teabaglady Sun 02-Nov-14 21:21:36

We have been looking in same sort of areas and focussing on secondaries.
Farnham and Liphook are vaguely similar in that are both commutable to London whereas Christchurch isn't ( well not on a daily basis) but on the other hand Christchurch could offer you a completely different lifestyle to Surrey/Hamps - beach, sailing, close to lovely bits of Dorset etc.
Both Twynham and Highcliffe are really good schools in Christchurch if you look at their results. I know children who were at Twynham recently and who went on to do Medicine, lots of their school friends were also off to good unis to do Medicine, law etc
Christchurch and Farnham are both fairly lively and OK for older children whereas there is really not much in Liphook for older children however, I think Bohunt has feeder primary schools so you could live in Liphook whilst DC1 at primary and then move to Petersfield ( more lively) once DC1 has place at Bohunt - Bohunt has large catchment area

Teabaglady Sun 02-Nov-14 21:23:05

just to add that i have been using which gives you details of the schools in any particular area both by ofsted rating and exam results

tippytappywriter Sun 02-Nov-14 22:24:30

Bohunt really do take all that apply so you could live somewhere near e.g. Petersfield, Haslemere?

fullcircleagain Mon 03-Nov-14 00:44:45

Thank you so much for these helpful replies. This is exactly what I was hoping for. They are all pretty much what on the lines we are thinking. Bohunt is a lovely school but a bit isolated for us. We will have to have a good look around areas we could live and be happy.

Teabaglady - you have described our predicament precisely. If we were to choose on school alone I suspect we would choose Bohunt, possibly Weydon. But the Christchurch area is lovely and would be more about a life style change.

Obviously it all depends on being in the right area, feeder schools to apply. Interesting that Bohunt is quite flexible. I wonder if that will change now they have been titled 'school of the year'.

smellylittleorange Mon 03-Nov-14 16:42:43

I know that Hampshire is not always as beautiful as Dorset esp the beaches but it has got a lot to offer - to me Farnham is just another Surrey town still nice nevertheless. I appreciate living down here so much in the summer so much to do with my daughter - just getting out and about in beautiful places for fresh air for free being one, Hamble, Sandy Point ( Hayling Island - nice Sailing club) Frensham Ponds, Waggoners Wells, and the Witterings will all be easily accessibly to you , as will lots of lovely little villages. Portsmouth , Winchester, Guildford, for shopping. Petersfield is a lovely town with lots going for it I especially like the lake/pond and the playground and the Downs is absolutely beautiful.

Lovely pubs around too!
Sorry I just had champion Hampshire as I feel it often gets forgotten about!

smellylittleorange Mon 03-Nov-14 16:54:02

Although must add some of those places not in Hampshire but nevermind...

smellylittleorange Mon 03-Nov-14 16:58:06

Oh and Liss is nice not too out of the way/rural and in the Bohunt Catchment :-)

TalkinPeace Mon 03-Nov-14 16:59:40

country : Farley Mount, Danebury, Stockbridge Down, the Test Way, Old Winchester Hill, all around Longparish
coast : Hayling, Titchfield, Lepe, Exbury, Hurst, Milford
towns : Winchester, Petersfield, Romsey, Stockbridge, Lymington

yup, its rough living in Hampshire

CharlesRyder Mon 03-Nov-14 20:30:18

We moved to Dorset in the summer after living in the M4 corridor for all of our adult lives.

I love it so much. I feel like I can breathe here. I can't envisage ever not living under the big skies, in the rolling hills amidst the blue haze again. I am a new person and I finally feel grounded and real.

I hadn't realised how much the commuter belt was crushing me. It's dark at night here and the shops are shut.

Not that I'm trying to sway you or anything.

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