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Wallington County GS from Wandsworth

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mrsmilk Mon 27-Oct-14 21:52:02

I'm another struggling with the slow mental breakdown that usually accompanies looming CAF submission day. Commiserations to all who are in my (violently lurching) boat.

Among a thousand other things I'm over-analysing this week (mainly due to total parental incompetence at not having thought this through earlier) is the journey to WCGS from Wandsworth.

Wondered if anyone has a child/children who are doing this journey and if so how they find it. Many thanks...


basildonbond Tue 28-Oct-14 06:57:13

Well it completely depends on where in wandsworth, and how close you are to a train station. It's not a direct journey so your D's would need to take 2 trains or a train and a bus and the traffic on the A232 in rush hour is hideous. I reckon you would have to allow at least an hour. It also depends on what your alternatives are, how much you want single sex etc. It's the least common of the three Sutton grammars for children from my bit of Wandsworth to go to, but tbh none of them is a popular destination from here

mrsmilk Tue 28-Oct-14 13:48:31

Thanks basldonbond. We're between WW Common and Clapham Jn. I've found a train leaving WWC at 741 that goes through Waddon then Wallington then Sutton so in theory serves all three Sutton grammars. I've had some help from other Mnetters re the journey to Wilsons and have a friend whose DS is at Sutton so I've figured those two. I have looked up the buses from Waddon. It seems that there are buses up Manor Rd (A237) from Wallington station. I was just interested to hear whether anyone's DS actually does the Wallington trip and what the walk is like up Manor Rd if you can't wait for the bus.

In terms of them not being popular destinations from around our area, I know what you mean. This is our eldest child so we're new to the secondary issue plus I am an Australian who grew up in a remote area so I don't feel I'm on solid ground figuring out what is/isn't the norm re travel to school in London. I've noticed that so many of the parents around where we live look at all the Dulwich (private) schools and also some in central/west London which all seem to have journeys just as long as the Sutton schools but for some reason don't seem to consider Sutton. My husband is a scouser and between the two of us we've often wondered whether there's something they know that we don't....

MaeMobley Tue 28-Oct-14 13:59:07

MrsMilk, in a similar position. We are in Wimbledon Park. DS passed Wallington & Wilson's but I am worried about the travel aspect.

tiggytape Tue 28-Oct-14 14:35:00

I think it is the timing issue that rules it out for some people because registration at school is very early and pupils absolutely cannot be late.

The 07:41 for example might arrive at around 08:20 but that is cutting it really fine after a walk from the station.
If the train is delayed by just 10 minutes, it would mean being late.
If the train is cancelled, it would be even worse.

So realistically most people catch the train before the one that gets them there in the nick of time but the direct trains aren't always so frequent which means either leaving ridiculously early or catching a sequence of trains, buses or trams and hoping not to miss any of the connections.

basildonbond Tue 28-Oct-14 17:52:51

the difference between the Sutton grammars and the Dulwich independents is that the Dulwich schools share a bus service which is very comprehensive - there are masses of routes and it's a rare address in south London which is more than about 5 mins away from a bus stop so it's a very easy journey

there are other schools e.g. Whitgift which although probably further away as the crow flies are a very simple journey from Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth etc with a direct train that goes at a relatively ok time so you'll find masses of boys heading there every morning - the journey's very sociable and there's safety in numbers

I don't know about the journeys for schools the other way into London as we ruled them out on the grounds of the commute being too difficult/long

Notinaminutenow Wed 29-Oct-14 09:05:03

Cutting it fine with the 07.41.

My nephew joins the 07.11 further south and walks (15mins) other end. Arrives at school at 8am.

I think you may have another direct option from Wandsworth Common via Streatham Hill & Norwood Junction that leaves between the above two & would give your DS an extra 20 mins in bed!

Suttonmum1 Wed 29-Oct-14 18:04:52

Could he do Clapham Junction to Sutton, trains more frequent I think, then bus from Sutton, or train Sutton to Wallington. Might be more reliable on the Clapham train?
walk from Wallington is fine.

teddygirlonce Thu 30-Oct-14 14:58:05

Our DS is on a direct bus route to SGS and he leaves the house at 7.20 am and gets to school with not too much time to spare.

You are really pushing it unless you are on a direct train or bus route TBQH.

The more parts there are to their journeys the more likely that there will be a blip somewhere en route...

DS has had repeated cases of bus breakdowns half way to school (or a crash in one case) which have made him late or he's had to hoof it on foot at break-neck speed.

I think you are expecting a lot of your DCs to be doing such complicated journeys particularly in the winter months.

DS never gets home before 4.30 pm. If the bus is late it's more like 5.00 pm and if he goes to a club it's anywhere between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm.

Long commutes eat into their homework/relaxation time quite markedly...

camptownraces Fri 31-Oct-14 09:08:58

Wandsworth Common to Wallington?

Trains at 0711 or 0719, arriving at Wallington at 0738 or 0752. Can't see what's wrong with that. It's straight through on one train, no changing, the bulk of passengers travelling in the opposite direction at that time of day.

Then an easy 10-15 minute walk to the school.

(Travel via Sutton doesn't really help - fast trains from Clapham Junction are not very frequent).

antimatter Sat 01-Nov-14 02:00:11

There's school bus from Wallington station to Wally boys and also other buses going that direction.
I am going to ask my son tomorrow to tell me timings of them but I wouldn't worry if I were you.
There are many boys ans girls coming by train to Wallington to all 3 selectives we have here.

And congratulations to your son. Wally boys is very good school. Excellent pastoral care!

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