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Greenshaw or Glenthorne

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BeOptimistic Sun 26-Oct-14 23:21:53

Has your DC taken up a place at Greenshaw High School in Carshalton via the selective test? What has their experience been like? Would you recommend the school? How does it compare to Glenthorne?

teddygirlonce Thu 30-Oct-14 16:53:48

I think it's usually a fall-back option for if the DCs don't get a grammar school place. Three of DC1's classmates went there (two in the selective stream and one via sibling policy). One of the ones who was in the selective stream then got a 13+ grammar school place and has now left (along with a significant number of other selective place students).

Make of that what you will....

BeOptimistic Fri 31-Oct-14 00:32:45

That's interesting. Thanks teddygirlonce.

antimatter Sat 01-Nov-14 02:06:52

I believe that Greenshaw streams kids so in effect some classes have amazing attainment and are very well behaved. However it is first choice of kids from StHelier estate and that brings the usual mix bag of pupils.
Greenshaw isn't bad school by all means.

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