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Rugby or Uppingham for sixth form, experiences and opinions please.

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cathyandclaire Fri 10-Oct-14 14:47:26

DD (15) is applying to Rugby and Uppingham to board at sixth form, she's currently at a day school in Yorkshire and happy but feels like she wants a change and a new challenge next year. I'd love to hear from parents at either school as to how your DC have settled in, found the schools, done in exams etc.
Dd is bright but sometimes needs a (metaphorical) kick up the backside to keep her working ;) and her real love in life is drama/ performing. Obviously she has the entrance exams to navigate first but I'd like to find out the more in preparation smile

cathyandclaire Sun 12-Oct-14 08:35:06

Is there anyone out there?

happygardening Sun 12-Oct-14 09:16:46

cathy I'm surprised no ones replied there is at least one mother on here with a child at Rugby.
I don't know enough about either to comment on the 6th form. I do know a couple of parents who've sent their DC's to Uppingham they talk very highly of it. It's has virtually no day children, all full board, in contrast I believe Rugby has some day children. Both sets of parents are very conventional and I think it would be fair to say conservative with a small c. I understand that most parents are of similar ilk. In the past some on here talk about bullying problems and drug problems but neither set of parents are the sort who would stay around if those problems existed. Hope this helps.

cathyandclaire Sun 12-Oct-14 09:35:00

Thanks Happy DD had heard from someone (Chinese whispers probably) that there were drug problems at Uppingham but said 'don't worry, I won't do that and I'm sure it happens at all schools anyway' which is probably true...but a little disconcerting!

petrova Sun 12-Oct-14 09:42:45

Have PM'd you

happygardening Sun 12-Oct-14 10:02:19

cathy I'm afraid your right about the drugs it happens at most independent schools because it seems from talking to friends most children have considerable sums in their current accounts.

cathyandclaire Sun 12-Oct-14 10:23:21

Well there's tumbleweed blowing across DD's current account, any birthday cash is immediately blown in Topshop grin

celestialsquirrels Sun 12-Oct-14 21:16:16

Hi - my dd has just gone to rugby for 6th form from an academic girls day school. I'm not sure what I can tell you - it is quite early days. However the entrance procedure seemed to be relatively effortless, she is very happy and seems to be working hard. She changed one of her a level choices in the first week (as did others I believe) and they accommodated her with no problems. I have only seen the new Head once and was underwhelmed - he spoke to new parents, didn't introduce himself, didn't say how pleased he was to be appointed, didn't say anything about his vision etc, just told a whole load of slightly lame anecdotes it was clear he had been telling for years - but again it is too early to judge and I don't think he will have much impact on my DD's experience in the next two years anyway tbh. The last head was so excellent, he has a v tough act to follow.

I will say that there have been a lot of people in the L6 th gated (drink and smoking x 6) and suspended (unacceptable sexual behaviour x 2 and being out late and unauthorised x2) and one expulsion (drugs) which strikes me as a LOT in what - four weeks of term? I have been surprised and think dd is also finding it eye opening - but as she has pointed out, what has gone on has been discovered and action taken. She says there isn't a whole load of other stuff going on which the teachers don't know about. So I guess that is something.

As I say - jury's out!

Sharpkat Sun 12-Oct-14 22:15:07

Have you considered Oakham?

cathyandclaire Mon 13-Oct-14 07:39:35

Thanks celestial That is a lot, maybe their approach is to hit 'em fast and hit 'em early! I'm guessing there was a lot more than that number at her current school but because it all happens at home and at the weekend no one is any the wiser.
We did look at Oakham and Oundle, both great schools but we wanted a big female intake at 16+ to help with friendships/settling in etc and I think Rugby and Uppingham both aim to take something like 30 girls at 16.

runoutofideasagain Mon 13-Oct-14 11:49:18

I admit I am talking about 20 years ago, but I went to Oundle from a small all-girls school and had a fabulous time and got great results. My best friend from the girls' school went to Uppingham, got suspended for "sexual activity" with her boyfriend and had to retake her A Levels. Not saying the "sexual activity" didn't happen at Oundle, mind you, we just didn't get caught!

MillyMollyMama Mon 13-Oct-14 15:09:37

My DD1 had a contemporary (girl) who went to Uppingham 6th form from their all girls' boarding school and met a number of Uppingham pupils (boys and girls) since at University. It appears to be a macho environment. Girls are eyed up by the boys as to their sex appeal, their appearance and given somewhat unflattering nick-names if they don't measure up to expectations. We looked at Uppingham for our younger DD but found the new girl admission arrangements a bit odd in that most of them had to go into one old fashioned house and be new girls all together thus hindering integration. It may have changed now. They also had all sorts of bullying problems and a friend removed her DS because of that. That may have changed now too. On balance, I would avoid.

A friend is very happy with Rugby. If schools act swiftly to reinforce the rules, that is probably a good thing. Not all children at independent schools are angels and Rugby and Uppingham are miles from anywhere!!!!!

cathyandclaire Mon 13-Oct-14 20:26:34

All very scary stuff...Think I might just lock DD in the cellar in a chastity belt!!! grin

Aaaabbbbcccc Wed 15-Oct-14 23:03:09

Yes last Rugby head was tip top and now the main man at Westminster - dont know anything about the new one yet - early days. My boys love this school and we have certainly gone through a few with the other 5.

Dustylaw Thu 16-Oct-14 00:59:26

To stick up for Uppingham, I have not heard anything adverse from extended family about bullying and sexist behaviour and that would have been top of the radar. Main view from the parents seems to be they like it but how do they cram it all in because there is so much going on.

Pepperpot69 Sat 18-Oct-14 05:23:25

Just to throw a spanner in the works, if your DD loves drama and you are Yorkshire based have you considered Sedbergh? I have friends with girls in 6th form and none of the above problems plus a great headmaster & drama dept! Just a thought!

violetsareblue11 Mon 20-Oct-14 19:47:19

Don't know about Rugby, but my niece and nephew are at Uppingham and BIL cannot speak highly enough of it. He says it's an amazing school, really does provide something for every child. Niece is very musical, dramatic and academic, and adores it; nephew is very sporty and average academically and also adores it. BIL says pastoral care is great and niece say the drama is top notch. Not sure about sixth form, but niece and nephew said they're staying on "until the end". Also ditto Pepper, I've heard great things about Sedbergh!

crystalbonbon Fri 27-Oct-17 03:44:57

Hi, new to the forum so if I ask silly, pls excuse me. My ds and dd both got accepted by Uppingham for 13+ entry already. Rugby School is now asking me to propose a date for the interview. I am also hoping for Oundle but not yet had the Ukiset scores, so not sure the accepting chance. My question is should I proceed the interview and examination at Rugby for both my dc? We live aboard so we will need to travel to all the way there for I&E. It also costs more to do the I&E. I wonder if the school worths me going ahead if air ticket and fees are not a concern? My hesitation is if I would exhaust my dc for the travel and the pressure from I&E. If the school worths for my dc growing development, I will go ahead with no hesitation. Please share some insight. Thank you.

crystalbonbon Wed 06-Dec-17 04:54:49


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