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Views on Portland Place School??? Are gifted kids stretched?

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Alsoflamingo Sat 04-Oct-14 12:40:27

Have been reading up a bit about PP in Marylebone and quite like the look of it. DD is v. bright, though, and my one worry is that it may not really stretch the more able/academic pupils. Looking at where they typically exit to it seems to suggest none to Oxbridge/Russell Grp Unis. Clearly that is a v. crude measure, but wondering if there is anyone out there with experience of PP who could comment. General comments about school would be great too. Many thx.

horsemadmom Sat 04-Oct-14 22:08:11

P.P. is a back up school if all else fails. If your DD is actually bright, she'll get in somewhere more academic.

soddinghormones Sat 04-Oct-14 22:10:11

Why would you want to send a gifted child to Portland Place? She would be a fish out of water ...

Alsoflamingo Sat 04-Oct-14 22:38:04

Aha - that's interesting. Thought it just sounded less pressurised (as a choice rather than because cohort not sufficiently academic). Yes, DD is v. bright, but is a real worrier and isn't good with stress. So was after somewhere with a good spread of abilities and focus. Maybe that's not the right place in that case. Any ideas for places that might fit that bill????

soddinghormones Sun 05-Oct-14 07:07:15

Whereabouts do you live? Draw up a list of all the schools within a 45 minute journey from home and then narrow it down. If your dd is prone to stress you won't want to add to that by making her cope with a long commute every day.

Presumably if you were considering PP you're thinking of private but don't rule out all state schools - some will be better than some private options.

My dd is also v bright and a bit of a perfectionist - she's just started at a co-ed (so far very happily) which we preferred over the rather scarily driven all-girls alternative as it seemed a lot more 'normal' and relaxed but still gets excellent results and sends loads of children to Oxbridge/Russell Group etc

Alsoflamingo Sun 05-Oct-14 09:20:07

Agree about commute and also minded to go co-ed. Near us there is one good state secondary, but you have to live pretty much on top of it to get in so we don't stand a chance. Don't much fancy the others.

Needmoresleep Sun 05-Oct-14 09:44:52

I would ask them about pupil turnover. My understanding was that the school grew downwards from a sixth form tutorial college, and is the first port of call for expats arriving on two or three year postings. That, and as horsemadwoman says, a back up school.

That does not mean that it does not do well by the pupils it has, and may well be a nurturing environment for those who will not fit in well elsewhere. But not usually the first choice for a child who plans to stay for the duration and who would thrive elsewhere.

KingscoteStaff Sun 05-Oct-14 12:53:17

Portland Place is either for non-academic kids or as a 'back up' choice. Also has quite a turnover due to diplomatic families moving on after 4 years in London.

Have you looked at Queen's Gate? Or what about one of the Francis Hollands? Another co-ed possibility might be Ibstock Place by Richmond Park - perhaps too far for you.

woodians123 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:40:34

My son has been there and the more 'academically' minded children do well without the stress and allowing them to enjoy their school lives. Academic results have been good and if your child is bright they will achieve well due helped by smaller classes and less pressure.

Needmoresleep Wed 01-Mar-17 16:44:30

We have known at least three very bright DC go there. They did fine. One went to a good RG University, while another moved to an academic sixth form. The range is much wider but it is an option for a child who has not settled elsewhere. Not lease they seem to be more willing to take pupils outside standard entry points.

woodians123 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:45:07

All children we have come across there are happy which is so important - they excel in drama and music and bring out the best in the child alongside good teaching. Have friends who have children in both Queens and PPS and both are doing well just one suits PPS better as less 'stressed'.

JamDonutsRule Sat 04-Mar-17 17:18:42

Does anyone have any up to date info on what the behaviour of the kids is like? I've heard rumours of some awful behaviour, but that was a few years ago.

How has the school changed since the opening of the Prep?

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