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Chalfonts Community College - the good, the bad and the ugly ?

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kittybelle Fri 19-Sep-14 00:20:20

insider info please....

MrsMot Fri 19-Sep-14 20:21:25

If it works for your child, great - lots of people I know are happy. Results v respectable for an upper.

Behaviour generally good.

Size can be an issue - small site with a 300 yr7 cohort each year.

New head, will be interesting to see how things pan out.

kittybelle Mon 22-Sep-14 23:02:40

Thanks MrsMot!

Esmi123 Thu 14-Jan-16 09:41:12

We are looking at moving back to the UK from Italy for many reasons but one being that my son (13) wants to go to school in the UK and I think that the A-level system may be better for him rather than the Italian system which is more like the IBS taking up to 11 subjects all the way through. We are looking at Chalfont St. Peters Community College and Royal Grammar School, he will be doing the entrance exam for RGS year 10 but I am concerned he may not get in simply because he comes from a different system and may not have covered exactly the same things. I have ordered the relevant revision books for KS3. Should he not get into RGS is Chalfont good? Will a determined and bright boy flourish? Do they stream? Is there any bullying (my son is a bit concerned) is RGS a better school or is it purely because Chalfont have a wider pool of kids from all kinds of backgrounds? Please advise and thanks

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