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Richard Reynolds High School-Twickenham, Christ's CoE-Richmond- insights?

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Chocfinger Fri 13-Jun-14 23:07:37

I would be grateful to hear from any parents with children at these schools. My partner thinks DD would thrive at an independent girls secondary such as LEH, NHE or Putney but this would be tricky financially. I was impressed with both RR and Christ's and am hoping they are gaining in popularity within the local community. Any insights hugely appreciated - especially any insights to convince nervous partner who wants to go independent...further is anyone aware of kids who successfully applied to the independent west London day schools in year 8/9 (eg if you fail to make a suitable match first time round?) Thanks All.

fivefacts Sat 14-Jun-14 15:04:33

For 2015? SRR should have had its first Ofsted report by then, although probably not before you apply. Their Head came from Christs, so no reason to think it won't do ok. You'll need proof of baptism and church attendance to get a place. They'll have some building work going on for a while, and they have to travel to St. Mary's Uni for their sports.

Christs is rated Good by Ofsted, and is very popular. It recently expanded, which means they've now got more financial resources than previously, and their new sixth form will be popular too. 50% of their places are faith based, but they don't tend to be very oversubscribed, if at all. Their community places (the other 50%, plus whatever is left over from the faith category) are oversubscribed.

How about Waldegrave? It's very academic, and Outstanding.

Chocfinger Tue 17-Jun-14 19:55:09

Thank you for the advice fivefingers, I will look out for the Ofsted. With any luck it will come before October! I am seeing Waldegrave in the next few weeks but looking at the acceptance/rejection map we are in an area covered in red dots! We live near Christ's and as we are Catholic Church goers I am hoping we will have a strong chance of gaining a place at those faith schools. Many children seem to go to the independent sector in our area from state primaries so I don't know anyone with older children at Christs/Richard Reynolds and would love to hear their experiences, good or bad! Thanks!

ChippyMinton Tue 17-Jun-14 21:09:25

I haven't seen RR, but it would be worth a look. Also the LB Hounslow RC schools are well regarded - Gumley House (single-sex) or St Marks (mixed).

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