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CE results (when?)

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Teapot74 Wed 04-Jun-14 17:55:22

Is no one else like me and like a cat on a hot tin roof with CE?
It's my understanding that our prep head likes to get all the results in before telling people (so he can sort out any probs 1st) and we can expect to hear by next Weds. Is this the same for everyone? I would have thought the school he is going to would let me know?

happygardening Wed 04-Jun-14 18:16:15

The results go to the head first I think the day before you get them so as you said he can get on the phone to the school and or find other possible options if there is problem before telling you.
Having said this very few fail to get the required mark at CE IME?

Michaelahpurple Wed 04-Jun-14 18:25:30

Didn't they just finish them today? Gosh , that is a quick marking turn around!

educationrocks1 Wed 04-Jun-14 18:29:46

No Latin is tomorrow!

numberonecharthit Wed 04-Jun-14 18:31:10

Exams not finished Michaela. Latin tomorrow!

Most senior schools mark the papers this week and over the weekend and then inform prep school heads of results early next week. Our Head rang each yr8 family on Weds with individual grades and a pleasant chat, but I know of another prep school where the Head calls each child in individually, tells them and they then tell their parents.

Unless there has been a monumental disaster, I agree with HG that few fail. The secondary schools are counting you in their numbers for Sept remember - all these schools are businesses at the end of the day!

Good luck to your DD/DS.

Teapot74 Wed 04-Jun-14 18:34:25

Weird system IMHO. Have been told that school is oversubscribed so just want a piece of paper with the right inf on it.

happygardening Wed 04-Jun-14 18:49:34

Many schools say they are oversubscribed although in reality not that many actually are, but if it really is an over subscribed school your DC is likely to have been interviewed, pre tested etc and only a very small number allow more to sit CE than there are actual places because not only have they coped a substantial deposit off you, they know that you will then have to find another school from those who haven't filled their vacancies first time round.

Teapot74 Wed 04-Jun-14 19:08:10

happygardening I know you're right, but I know that someone is not going to get in, yes a small number but someone isn't. He found his novi visit disheartening, looking around at 14 boys in his house and realising that there were only 12 places sad

We have been told next Friday we should hear - the HM tells the boys first then contacts the parents. I'm assuming if a sufficient grade isn't achieved that the HM would give the parents advanced warning... Who knows though with DS schools quirky ways! It's was a tough half term but the week has passed quickly, with just Latin left. Do your schools give the boys the rest of the week off?

Teapot74 Wed 04-Jun-14 19:24:13

They get tom pm off and Chessington on Friday smile I want to go too but DS has banned me (it's been hard on me too, where's my break!?)

happygardening Wed 04-Jun-14 19:29:39

Tea how absolutely ghastly are you prepared to say who's playing that dreadful game! I take it it's a boarding school as you mentioned a house thee really aren't that many who are over subscribed and do that as well.

summerends Wed 04-Jun-14 19:30:13

Teapot74 I understand why you are stressed now. The house might be be thinking of fitting a couple of extra boys in. Did anybody ask the housemaster? It must be possible that none of the boys supposed to enter your DS's house would be borderline in which case the house would have to fit them in.

happygardening Wed 04-Jun-14 19:53:44

Or were a couple potential scholars and would then go into a separate house? Or as as summer says perhaps they can squeeze a few more in or are two day children?

Teapot74 Wed 04-Jun-14 20:42:14

Am worried as we're local they might offer us a day place but DS is determined to board and would turn it down sad

trinity0097 Wed 04-Jun-14 21:01:39

Schools get the results Thursday of next week, to give out to pupils on Friday next week. Senior schools are encouraged to ring junior schools (as the ISEB call them) on Tuesday if they are going to fail a child.

Dustylaw Wed 04-Jun-14 21:32:34

Teapot, my limited experience is that where schools take both boarding and day pupils it is the day places that are more oversubscribed at the younger level. Therefore the scenario is usually being offered a boarding place when you wanted a day place rather than vice versa. But my goodness, I don't like the idea of having children in for a visit and leaving the impression (especially if correct) that they won't all be accommodated. Some oversubscribed days schools do that pre-application but that is different.

Teapot74 Thu 05-Jun-14 08:57:43

Dustylaw. I have heard the same historically that you are right about boarding being less competitive than day but been told specifically by the head of the school that this year it is the other way round sad Bloody typical!

mikulkin Sat 07-Jun-14 14:38:44

We were told on Thursday children will be informed and will call us (they will be on their leavers's trip)... We were also told that if any problem we will get a call from head on Monday or Tuesday...

LIZS Sat 07-Jun-14 14:43:31

At dc old prep the Year 8 go on a residential next week and have the results to open on their return on Friday. Some schools may be quicker than others so if it is bad news I'd expect a call from the prep school head before they tell dc and to get a back up plan in place.

Teapot74 Mon 09-Jun-14 17:18:31

mikulkin, we were told if there was problem to expect a call Monday so fingers crossed have heard nothing so far smile

Offtotheraces Mon 09-Jun-14 19:06:19

We were told Tues ?

Offtotheraces Mon 09-Jun-14 19:11:38

..... Would be such a relief if it was Monday !! ...

educationrocks1 Mon 09-Jun-14 21:25:57

Well you are all very lucky. We were told 2-3 weeks!

Michaelahpurple Tue 10-Jun-14 09:45:36

Loads of luck everyone ! I have been scaring myself by peeping at the French syllabus (DS is year 6) and am rather in awe of what they have to cover across the board

educationrocks1 Tue 10-Jun-14 10:15:55

No news yet? anyone?

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