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Ripon Grammer School( North Yorkshire) , Please comment

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KK0202 Sun 01-Jun-14 23:15:03

Does anyone have information on above school

I would love to hear what anyone knows about the feel of the schools, how academic/sporting/friendly/strict/support/teacher and student ratio
How about pressure they received? Teaching: How happy girls are?
, whether there's much bullying and (more importantly) how it's dealt with.
Thank for your sharing.

Uplateagain Mon 02-Jun-14 18:28:50

I don't have children there but I went to Ripon Grammar (a long time ago!) and I loved it. At the moment I have 1 nephew and 2 nieces there and they are all very happy. DS has only good things to say about it. The sport is good compared to other state schools and they have a swimming pool which no other state schools in the area have. I'm not aware of any bullying problems.

KK0202 Tue 03-Jun-14 23:32:41

Hi, Uplateagin,

thank for your sharing . I think it is a happy school from your comment . I only know the school is outstanding in academic achievement.

warm regards


southernsoftie Tue 11-Nov-14 13:53:09

Sorry to hijack/resurrect thread but we are considering RGS for 6th form. DS is keen to go but is concerned about rumours that most of those in the 6th form have tutors outside school as they feel they don't get the support they need from the teachers. DS wants to study maths, further maths and physics plus one other he still has to decide on. He is academic but tends to do what he can get away with especially in subjects that aren't his favourites although he assures me that will change once he can focus on the subjects he likes best. Does anyone have children in the 6th form who can comment on the teaching and pastoral care? Many thanks

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