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Glandular fever and A levels

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Claire111 Mon 19-May-14 21:39:46

Our son has got glandular fever, 2 weeks before his A levels. He is unable to study, he feels so ill. The school is going to contact his chosen universities and let us know what dispensations, if any, there may be for him. We are desperately worried. He's on track for A stars / As and we are worried everything is jeopardised. Anyone have any advice/experience?

Cooroo Mon 09-Mar-15 22:54:47

A bit late in the day but my DD has suspected GF and A2s next term. Offers from 5 unis but will have to work hard to get the grades so this is not good news. She's exhausted but can't sleep, feverish, terrible throat. Did your DS make it to uni in 2014?

Cooroo Wed 11-Mar-15 06:21:12

Ignore that, turned out to be herpes. Nasty but hopefully she'll only lose a week.

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