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Help finding a tutor for 11+ in Maida Vale for London Grammar Schools

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alerua Fri 16-May-14 13:46:24

Dear all, my daughter is 8 years old, and as we come from abroad and English is not our first language, we were thinking about starting our daughter to be tutores in Y4.
We are aiming at Grammar schools.
I would like to kindly ask for help, as we know very few people here.
Many thanks,
Kind Regards

AmazingDisgrace Fri 16-May-14 14:27:26

There aren't any Grammars near to you. Did you mean the schools in the outer London boroughs such as Sutton or Hertfordshire? Any of those would mean a very long journey for your daughter and also lots of those schools ( Tiffin Girls for example) are implementing catchment areas that would mean she wouldn't be eligible for them unless you were planning to move before she sits the test.

alerua Fri 16-May-14 14:36:10

I thought about City of London, Westminster, and I thought they were called grammar schools.
I definetly need help :-)

horsemadmom Fri 16-May-14 16:46:30

Yes you do! City and Westminster are boys only.

CecilyP Fri 16-May-14 16:49:36

There is a City of London Girl's which is what OP may have had in mind.

alerua Fri 16-May-14 19:58:23

Well, I just bought this bible with most of the schools in the UK. Gosh the system is overwhelmingly complex from someone that comes from abroad, that's why I guess I am seeking other mum's advises.
@horsemadmom: any ideas?
@cecilyP: yes, that's NLCS, CLSG, and other acronyms for the girls schools that I found on the rankings telegraph and on the threads...
Back at home, my daughter was in an excellent English school, that starts at nursery and go until they leave to university, normally to the UK to top ones.
Any insights and comments are appreciated. I live in W9 London, and my daughter is still in Y2, so a long way to go. We will need tutoring for her to get her ready, and accepted in a top senior school in London.

Clonakiltylil Sat 17-May-14 07:56:29

Hello Alerua. The schools you have mentioned are not grammar schools. They are fee-paying, independent schools. The fees vary from school to school but I know that NLCS will be charging nearly £18,000 a year from September, and that does not include lunch or any extras. City is lower, as is Haberdashers, St James, Highgate, Channing, South Hampstead and all the other ones 'near' you. Some of these admit at 7+ so this might be of interest to you if fee-paying is what you are after and if she is bright.

Many 11 year olds are travelling on the underground to school - my daughter has friends all over the north-west part of London and she is at one of the schools discussed above.

Regarding the grammar schools, the only one I can think of that is near to you is Henrietta Barnett School which is in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11. It is not fee-paying but as you can imagine, it is difficult to get in. The reputation is excellent and the results are outstanding. I know several parents who send their girls there.

But other than that, you will find the selection extremely limited unless you move house, as has been said before. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it. All the best and good luck with finding a tutor.

Clonakiltylil Sat 17-May-14 08:01:55

Oh, sorry! I have just reread that she is already 8. 7+ is of no use then.

northlondoncat Mon 19-May-14 18:20:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotalTutorsLondon Thu 18-Aug-16 16:57:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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