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Good secondary schools in and around the London area (please..)

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batters Tue 29-Aug-06 10:00:33

dd is in year 4 of an independent school.

We have planned all along to move outside of South West London and back into the state sector for secondary education. I had the place, Epsom, in mind. Yesterday we went to visit it as a family as dp hasn't been there for ages. Dp didn't actually like it that much (no disrespect to Epsom - he just didn't feel it was the place for him to live). We both liked Ewell but unfortunately Ewell has a smaller choice of secondary schools than Epsom.

So we are back to looking for nice places to live in and around London that has a good choice of secondary schools....any helpful hints anyone? Is there such a place? It would have to be in fairly easy commuting distance of central London, as dp often works long hours.

Thinking about Bromley, is that a good place to be? Am happy with selective and ex-grammar schools too...

All advice gratefully received, thank you .

Marina Tue 29-Aug-06 10:17:32

OK, Bromley has a good range of schools batters, and is one of those boroughs where many of the non-selective schools perform well in terms of results AND value-added. It no longer has any "state" grammars (see below) so the choice of state selective is limited.
I know the NW corner of Bromley best but the real big hitter nationally for gurls is of course the famed Newstead Woods in Orpington. A very good choice for a really academically inclined girl. Foundation grammar so wide catchment area and very competitive to get into.
Bromley High (GDST) has a good reputation, and so does Bullers Wood, a non-selective girls' state school in Chislehurst.
Non-selective independent schools include Bishop Challoner, which is mixed and a Roman Catholic foundation (NB, you do NOT have to be RC to go there). Tigermoth knows someone there too and it is a lovely school. In Bickley, near the centre of Bromley.
Chislehurst and Petts Wood are pleasant areas of Bromley...and just up the road from me, she says hopefully. Honest, they both are. Petts Wood has loads of fab Tudorbethan villas, it is quiet, wooded, a bit time-warpy, pleasant. Local parade of shops and excellent train service into town.
Chislehurst is t'top for Bromley IMO - bijou shops and restaurants, commons and woodlands with ponds, some luxe Georgian/Victorian piles but plenty of 50s-70s housing too, and Victorian terraces in the "village" (they look a bit small for a family though).
Two big advantages to Chislehurst - closer to Marina Towers and closer to some of the Bexley grammars - eg Chis and Sid, just down the hill in...Sidcup.

Twiglett Tue 29-Aug-06 10:20:04

Marina .. I did not realise you live close to Bromley .. which is a 20 mins drive for me

so how come we haven't managed lunch yet you old trout

email me immediately <stern icon>

batters Tue 29-Aug-06 10:32:03

ooh thank you Marina, that is useful info. Noticed Newstead Woods on our brief research yesterday after Epsom, I do need to go back to Bromley I think!

Anyone else please?!

Marina Tue 29-Aug-06 10:34:27

I emailed you Marmitey one and it bounced back.
Unless Tamum was trying to sabotage our burgeoning friendship of course.
I had better CAT you then - Bromley is a big borough though and I am down at the other end I think .
Batters from everything you have said about your dd I would give Newstead Woods a very serious look, actually.

batters Tue 29-Aug-06 17:24:47

bump for early evening MNetters.

merrily Tue 29-Aug-06 17:38:51

I think Marina says it all about Bromley. We are in the process of moving down there - though just thinking about primary schools at the moment, I know the secondary schools are excellent too. Bexley also has some good schools - though not so good for shops, facilities, etc. BTW I can personally vouch for Chis and Sid - my alma mater! A little too obsessed with rugby for my liking, but I got an excellent education.

Marina Tue 29-Aug-06 22:56:02

Hey merrily! Ds' PE teacher is a Chis'n'Sid alumnus, and we know lovely twins in the sixth form.
I think it does sound a bit too hearty for our dainty 7 yr old ds from the sound of things - Bexley Grammar might be more his thing - he is learning French this year and loving it, and an obsession with Lullingstone Villa has led to an interest in Latin
Bexleyheath has some good shops these days merrily although I agree it is not a patch on Bromley proper. Did you also swear you would never return to SE London after college? I did .

nooka Tue 29-Aug-06 23:49:38

Ha! I'm at the London edge of Bromley, and having done some research (ds is just going into juniors, so a way off) decided that the secondary schools were terrible, and that ds will probably have to go private! You may need to pick your area carefully (ie stay away from Beckenham...) However I am anti single sex schools, which Bromley seems to go for in a big way, so that may be why.

batters Wed 30-Aug-06 06:58:57

Thank you for the replies.

Nooka - I am quite into single sex schools, possibly because girls do better academically at them, although boys don't I believe. But not sure whether dd will agree with me! Bromley is very high up in the league tables in general (according to the BBC website) which is why I've been looking at it. I'm hopng to remove dd from the independent sector, so the complete opposite of you.

Dd reckons she likes sports at the moment - she received "Most Improved Player of the Playcentre" football trophy a few weeks ago (to be honest there was only one way dd's football skills could go...) and it has pride of place on our mantle piece.

Useful info too about Chris and Sid Merrily and and Marina.

Muminlondon9 Mon 03-Mar-14 12:06:44

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