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St Swithuns School Winchester

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Sch00lUK Tue 06-May-14 09:04:46

Anyone knows abt this school? My friend's daughter will be joining this school in the upcoming September? Can anyone tell me how the school works? Are teachers and students nice? Thank you!

H0pelesslydevoted Wed 17-Sep-14 22:20:16

Ok so im aware this is a little late given that she will have already started her school by now but maybe to help ease the nerves a little bit i can give you a bit of information about St. swithuns anyway.
My daughter goes there so I can just explain somethings for you.
The school is one of the most prestigeous in the country being number the two all girls school after wycombe abby, so as you can expect your friend's daughter will feel a little bit of pressure fomr the shcool especially in the older years. the teachers are lovely and some of them i would say are the best i have ever come across! the students are also very nice and most of the older girls will always be willing to help out someone who is lost or maybe just confused!
there are some things to look out for though, becuase like all schools st swithuns isnt perfect. Yes there was a drugs bust in what is now the current U5 and the main girl invloved was expelled and her two friends helping her were suspended, but i am happy to day that is the first i have ever heard about drugs in st swithuns and from what ive heard that is just a bad year group! My daughter is in middle 5 now and i can safely say her whole year group is absolutely charming.
HOpe this helped a bit, if you want any other information feel free to ask.

MillyMollyMama Thu 18-Sep-14 20:29:27

Hmmmm. I think St Paul 's Girls' School might contest top spot!

goinggetstough Thu 18-Sep-14 20:47:54

I did wonder too milly as the word prestigious was used.... I would therefore think of a number of girls schools which are known internationally and St Swithuns would not be near the top of the list.
Having said that I have friends who have had DDs at St Swithuns and they were very happy with the school and it gets great results.

Ehhn Thu 18-Sep-14 20:53:49

I left 10 years ago and my life began the day I walked out of those gates. If you'd like details of the issues that were rife back then, please pm me, but if you feel that enough time has passed, then don't worry about it.

sophiesiobhan Sat 11-Feb-17 21:24:21

Hello - also following this as I'm considering moving to Winchester and this is the only all girls school? Wonder I what the demographic is like?

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