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Kent Grammar schools and East Sussex

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Londonflight Tue 22-Apr-14 16:04:29

I just posted something under "property/DYI" and think it should maybe be posted here instead (sorry!!)

Thinking about leaving London and wondering whether anyone has managed to get their child (boy) into a Kent Grammer school living in Wadhurst (outside TW but not Kent).

I heard that people managed it and do it but is this a reality or just spin?

Any other nice villages within Grammar belt but commute into London Bridge, Cannon Street, Charing Cross. Where should I look? So confused by it all.

Thanks v much.

GreenerthanGrass Tue 22-Apr-14 17:28:20

I'm sure others will know more, but as I understand the boys grammars in Tunbridge Wells are super selective, so it doesn't matter where you live they take the top performers. (Different for girls). People from Wadhurst will go to the grammars- but you have to get a very high score.

roeddwnibwytadyllysiau Tue 22-Apr-14 21:50:25

Tunbridge Wells boys grammar is not superselective, Skinners is. Tonbridge grammar (TOGS) for girls is superselective as is Judd for boys. As has already been said, you could live in timbuktu and get in to a superselctive if you score higher than everyone else. Students come as far as hastings (and probably further)

Look at Penshurst, Leigh, Bidborough, Weald, Underriver and Plaxtol for nice villages and get your train at Tonbridge - there are twice as many as those serving T/W

roeddwnibwytadyllysiau Tue 22-Apr-14 21:51:10

Forgot to say, if you are out of area you need to score more highly than those in area

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