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Moving to Huntingdon

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Lizlovespeas Tue 22-Apr-14 09:37:52

We are thinking of moving from Hitchin to Huntingdon and I'm looking for some advice. Where are the nicest places to live and which schools are the best? I have two at a really good Primary school now and I'm really worried about moving them. What are the senior schools like? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you x

KildrummyDriver Wed 23-Apr-14 21:02:37

There's plenty of choice, Liz. What are you looking for? Town or village? State or independent school?

The villages to the west and south of Huntingdon are lovely but more expensive than St Neots or Huntingdon. North of Huntingdon is the edge of Fenland so is flatter and weather-wise more exposed. East of Huntingdon are The Hemingfords, some of the most expensive villages I the area.

In terms of primary schools, there's quite a range. Spaldwick (North of Kimbolton, near the A14) and Crosshall on the northern edge of St Neots are both very strong. There's also lots of smaller village primaries, some with less than 100 pupils. As far as I know, Godmanchester Primary and St Anne's Primary in Godmanchester are both good, as are many others such as Brampton Village and Alconbury. There's two secondaries in each of Huntingdon and St Neots. Hinchingbrooke is seen as more academic than St Peter's in Huntingdon, Longsands more academic than Ernulf in St Neots. In your shoes I would look to be in the catchment of Hinchingbrooke or Longsands.

There's also two independent schools. Whitehall in Somersham goes up to age 11 and is quite small but personal. Kimbolton School caters for 4 to 18 and has a strong reputation but is much bigger. It's grounds are centred on a castle but it is unpretentious.

Good luck with your search and PM me if you want to know more.

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