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How much info do I need for appeals?

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tiggytape Sat 19-Apr-14 12:20:54

Ask beforehand.
If the answer is that they have a few extra pupils in every year this helps your case.
If they have no extra pupils at all (unlikely) this hinders your case and you don't want to draw extra attention to it!

NotDoris Sat 19-Apr-14 12:09:40

I see, thanks!
Do I need to find out that info from each school beforehand, or will I be told that at each appeal so I can argue it there and then?

tiggytape Sat 19-Apr-14 11:59:27

NotDoris - the main part of your appeal will be explaining why the school you are asking for best meets your child's needs and why her being refused a place would disadvantage her more than the school would be disadvantaged by being forced to accept an extra pupil

So there is a balance. The school will say they are full. You will be saying that your DD needs or would benefit from a place so this outweighs the school's objections. The panel will probably agree both sides have a case but must decide who would lose out more and then decide in their favour.

It can therefore help to chip away at the school's argument that they are totally full. It tips the balance back in your favour a bit.

So if you ask the school how many pupils they have in each year group for example it might reveal they have 4 extras in Year 8, 5 extras in Year 10 and 2 extra in every other year. This helps you demonstrate that they can cope with a extra pupils above the official numbers.

NotDoris Sat 19-Apr-14 11:36:22

I recieved dates for 3 of the appeals this morning, has anyone got any advice for me? Please??

NotDoris Fri 18-Apr-14 23:33:43

I submitted appeals for all 6 of our preferred schools (was offered one which wasn't on our list) and now I'm back from our holidays I'm starting to think more about the upcoming appeals themselves.
We have our reasons for wanting any of our choices - they all offer music clubs and bands, and a gcse which DD has set her heart on. Offered school has a very disappointing music department, and cannot guarantee the gcse will be available in the future.
I see people asking for information on the PAN, class size, etc, etc. Is this something which I need to find out and bring up at the appeals, or will the school or panel have this info already?

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