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Abbots Bromley School for Girls

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derbyshirebound999 Sun 13-Apr-14 22:38:47

Hi ladies!

I am looking into Abbots Bromley for my girl when she goes in to year 10, she is in year 8 now. I have a few questions.

Will they take her in year 10?
Is there an entrance examination?
Are they selective?
And overall what is the school like?

BadgerB Mon 14-Apr-14 05:47:22

I live in Abbots Bromley and have had a DD there. She is now 22 so my information is a bit out of date, tho' I still hear talk in the village. From what I can gather the school is now on track again with a new Head after 3 disastrous ones, one very short-lived.
The girls are lovely, polite, well-mannered, lively. The facilities are great, ballet studio, stables with school horses, tho' some of the wealthier girls bring their own, swimming pool of course.
There is no selection exam, the ability range is quite wide and they still usually get the best results in the county. They will take a girl into any year where there is a vacancy and where they think the school will fit her needs after a 'trial day'.
PM me if I can tell you more

derbyshirebound999 Mon 14-Apr-14 11:22:30

Thank you so much for your info!

Do that let everyone in that applies?

Did your daughter experience any bullying at AB?

BadgerB Mon 14-Apr-14 12:08:32

If a girl doesn't seem likely to keep up with the work I suspect her parents might be told that the school wasn't right for her - or if she was a complete PITA on the trial day! But, as I said, the ability range is quite wide so a child would have to have SN that the school felt it couldn't deal with before a place would be refused.

There was a spate of 'mean girl' 'queen bee' behaviour round about Ys6 and 7 but it was quickly dealt with by the then Head, who was very good. I never heard of any physical bullying happening there.

MysticMugBug Mon 14-Apr-14 12:27:50

I am an ex AB girl aged 24, and I can say that my time there was terrible as a whole.
However, take into consideration what BadgerB has said as alot could have changed since I have left (2007).
When I was there, I was actively both bullied and discriminated against (the latter also by my teachers) hmm because I had ADHD and was seen as stupid and difficult.
I am still slightly reeling, the accepting attitude of university and psychological growth helped me. Having said that, the opportunities were great (especially the legendary choir trips that took us to Rome and New York to name a few.
There were a scattering of very good teachers, but too few were sympathetic of my needs.
Together with this, the maliciousness of all girls bullying has scarred me.
However, consider Badger's viewpoint.
I wouldn't send my child there for obvious reasons. It could have changed dramatically, but in my day, it was very old fashioned.

derbyshirebound999 Mon 14-Apr-14 12:49:01

I'm sorry to hear this.

It seems to be the perfect school for my daughter therefore I was just waiting for a catch and I think you've brought my attention to it. I have heard about the teachers being less supportive then other schools...

What was the entrance procedure for you?

derbyshirebound999 Mon 14-Apr-14 12:52:12

Oh okay, so my daughter would most likely get a place. She is very intelligent but her school now just doesn't teach in a way that makes her learn.

Was there an interview before places were given?

BadgerB Mon 14-Apr-14 15:53:59

You'd better take a very close look yourself, I think. MysticMugBug speaks from personal experience, me from only what I know as a parent.
My DD must have overlapped with Mystic - she also went on the choir tours to Rome and New York.

BadgerB Mon 14-Apr-14 15:55:30

Tell whoever shows you around that you've heard the school can be unsympathetic. See what they say

derbyshirebound999 Mon 14-Apr-14 16:02:32

We should hopefully be going to have a look round in the end of year 8.

cath10108 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:00:47

My daughter attended the school in boarding, here are my list of downsides:

They took her out of school and made her go back to boarding to make her bead again in a neater way.

Told the kids during chapel that if they said the word "Hallelujah" during the "Lent Term" that hot rocks would burn through their souls, (Chapel is compulsory, the children's ages were about 8 to sixth form...)

The boarding-staff spread rumors about my daughter, some very offensive ones which I will not repeat.

She was refused treatment for lice for over a month, during the holidays she came home crying to me, begging for help.

One of the rumors about my daughter was that she was being abused at home-which was an absolute lie, I love and respect my daughter and it deeply upset me and made my mental state bizarre ... especially when they phoned social services on me and I had to deal with so many people who were intrusive.

My daughter was also bullied physically and verbally by one of the students at the school and nothing was done about it.

The children and teenagers were talked down to as if because they were younger, they had a full right to do so.

I sincerely hope that no-body puts their girl in this horrible school.

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