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Tiffin girls

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fondofuk Sat 05-Apr-14 20:42:45

My dd got in TGS this time and went to welcome evening the other day. The foremost thing surprised me was the sheer dominance of south asian heritage girls. About 65% south asian, 25% white and 10% east asian. I knew of this phenomenon but suspect the number for the "majority" has grown. We belong to the last group and no problem with this fact. But honestly it made me wonder how long tiffin and other grammars could exist with such ethnic mix although most are still tax-paying British citizens. Would not so much wealthy white families with bright children avoid grammars due to this? I know this is a politically sensitive issue but have no choice but to get genuinely curious as another "minority". Separate observation is School seems to "use" more white girls in publicity. About half of current pupil speakers were white and so is head girl.

QualityControl Sat 05-Apr-14 22:09:59

The predominance of white British in publicity and head girl may reflect the intake of previous years. Head girl I presume is 6th form so reflects the intake 6/7 years ago. Photography could easily be a few years old. Let's hope they are proud of all the students who join them, whatever their nationality

Schmedz Sun 06-Apr-14 08:42:17

There are definitely some Caucasian families who avoid TGS because they don't want their DD to be in an ethnic minority (I know a few personally) or they would prefer a school with a more balanced multicultural mix, but to be honest I think most parents just want a school in which their DD would thrive. There are many things about TGS that turn off some families and many things that attract people, so it is horses for courses.
Anyone who was more concerned with the ethnicity of students as opposed to the sort of education on offer has the right to make their choice based on this sort of narrow minded opinion.

Schmedz Sun 06-Apr-14 08:44:53

And I agree with fondofuk that the school definitely uses a higher proportion of 'white' students in publicity and public events (open days) than actually represents the school population. It is quite confusing actually as to why they do this...

HPparent Sun 06-Apr-14 10:34:43

I am a parent of a year 13. Some of the pictures on the website were taken several years ago and were of her class. I think the ethnic mix in her year anyway is a bit more diverse than Fondofuk observed. Though if someone is white they are not necessarily of "White British" origin. There are also quite a few girls from other ethnic backgrounds.

Actually DD was saying yesterday that she thought it would be fairer for the rich families to go to private school as they could afford it and free up places for the poor (this was during a discussion about FSM). The rich people are not necessarily white btw!

I don't see the problem. My DD does not have Asian ancestors but has many Asian friends. If someone turns their nose up at the ethnic mix they can go to another school or go to the private schools in the area.

If there was an admissions procedure that made the tests uncoachable that might change the intake as would imposing a much smaller catchment. The school does have immense problems with pressure and many girls in current year 13 are very unhappy. It is definitely not a school I would recommend.

toddlerbed Sun 15-Jun-14 15:36:54

Hpparent what schools would you recommend around K&C that are non fee paying (I note from other threads you have a girl at HP).

HPparent Sun 15-Jun-14 16:17:27

I think if you live in K & C you are very restricted in choice unless you are CofE or Roman Catholic. If the former you have Chelsea Academy (mixed) or the two girls schools in Westminster, St Marylebone or Greycoats. Chelsea Academy is not very academic though.

St Thomas More (mixed) is a very nice RC school in an awful building.

If you are non religious and live in North Ken you have only one choice next year, Kensington Aldridge which hasn't opened yet. Holland Park has changed its admissions criteria to select on proximity. Chelsea Academy has some non religious places but you have to attend an RBKC primary and be fairly near.

Sion Manning, RC girls, still has an awful reputation but it seems to have improved a lot and the girls seem well behaved on the street and public transport.

Holland Park is OK. Not the great institution the hype suggests and very cultish; both in terms of the Head and SLT, and a group of golden kids at the top of the pile. Some teaching great, some very bad. They have trouble keeping staff because they work them into the ground. My DD likes the social life but hates the actual school ethos. Constant criticism and not being good enough.

I don't know enough about LBHF schools to recommend. Obviously Lady Margaret is great but you have to be very near. I have heard the Hammersmith Academy is awful (6th form) and West London free not up to much at all. I know a girl at Fulham Cross, likewise Burlington Danes, both very happy there. Hurlingham and Chelsea sadly is the school to avoid, likewise Phoenix based on anecdotal evidence.

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