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Academically, is top 10% ok for Eton?

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Anchorage Wed 02-Apr-14 07:25:44

Just that, really. I know selection is on variety of things, but academically DS is on exactly 90th centile (CAT tests). HM thinks he will sail through CE in due course.

Would far rather DS was happily swimming along in second quartile on everything in a good school than miserably scraping by in fourth quartile in a great school, so i am trying to get a feel for where this level would fall in terms of Eton.

totallyuseless Wed 02-Apr-14 08:06:02

Dont go by CATS tests.

Do some past papers from the top academic schools instead.

ZeroSomeGameThingy Wed 02-Apr-14 10:35:20

I know selection is on variety of things..

Think you've pretty much answered your own question. And already know that even if he was on the 101st centile a host of other things can determine whether it's the right school and whether he would "get in".

How old is your DS? Sailing through CE is irrelevant if he doesn't get through the pre-test - and I would say that is largely a matter of having the right mindset.

If neither you nor your DS are keen on fairly intense competition then it might not be the right path - even if he's considered fairly clever.

meditrina Wed 02-Apr-14 10:45:15

It would be worth going to look at Eton and see if you think it would be a good place for your DS. They look for boys who would comfortably get 65% across the board at CE, but do not necessarily select by highest score on their pretest - interview is just as important.

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