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Harrow Pre Test Oct 2014

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Caribbeanpuss Wed 26-Mar-14 18:42:47

We have just been given our date and booked our flight to the U.K for the October Harrow Pre-test for our DS for entry 2016.

Advise please -

Computer test - anyone have any experience of this and what to expect? Is there any way of preparing for this test?

Interview - We have been told - trying to change old school network that now interview is with at least three people. Minimum of one House Master but also member of school Management (theoretically to identify a potential student that just does not "fit" with the interviewing house master they can be suggested for another house)

I cannot see any posts on the pre test and how arduous it is? Our DS will not not have seen the school before hand - are we able to arrange a visit before or after the test?
Any experience of the test/ interview and what to expect? thanks

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