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best secondary school in devon/cornwall.

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parent83 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:31:56

Hi everyone very confused mum here. We live about 10 miles from Tavistock and I'm looking for a good secondary school to send my daughter to. The closest areas to us are Tavistock , Launceston and Okehampton but I don't mind travelling for the best school. I'm not happy with my daughters current primary school so I am looking in to secondary schools early so we can find an alternative primary. She is 8 years old and very bright. I know of launceston college Tavistock college and okehampton college as the closest but no idea what they are like and was also considering the highschool for girls in Plymouth but this would be a bit of a trek. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I'm very concerned.

Thanks in advance.

IndridCold Tue 25-Mar-14 15:56:20

You should also look at Calington Community College. It seems to be rather better regarded than Tavistock at the moment. It's quite big but has a lot going on. I do not have direct experience, but several friends have children there, and are happy with it.

I believe that Saltash College is quite good too, and on the Devon side Ivybridge is also quite well thought of (I have seen mixed opinions on MN, but these are a few years old now).

mary21 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:01:43

Friends with dd at ivy bridge please. Relitives son was at tavistock when in special measures did very well. He was smart and well nurtured

parent83 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:16:11

Any views on okehampton/launceston colleges also? I did think of looking at callington college but the journey may be too far we would probably have to move. I've heard nothing but bad things about Tavistock. sad

oneearedrabbit Tue 25-Mar-14 18:04:58

I think which side of Tavi you live should influence your choice. It is a long old drive ten miles the other side of Tavi, to Plymouth, and I am not sure how far beyond Tavi the Plymouth school buses actually go. The grammar schools for girls in Plymouth are excellent but your dd would need to take the 11+ to get a place - think they are now taking the exam at the end of Yr 5, with the results coming out mid Yr 6.

Don't be put off by what you have heard about Tavi College, it has lots of good points and many pupils do brilliantly there - of all academic levels. Go and see for yourself.

I agree Callington College is getting good press at the moment; ditto Ivybridge if you are near Plymouth; Okeh /Launc I do not know so much about. But do think of your child's eventual social life and friends ... public transport down here is not always brilliant and how will your child get to see her friends? you could be hours in the car ....

Noodledoodledoo Tue 25-Mar-14 21:03:46

Okehampton College just got an outstanding Ofsted rating in its recent inspection. Was my school many years ago but from friends who are still local they rate it very highly.

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