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MFL for Year 7 who is good at science.

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Sunnymeg Fri 21-Mar-14 08:49:21

We had parents evening last night. DS 12 is working at 7b in science. Teacher full of praise, seems he is naturally gifted at it. Even now he has a vague idea he wants to do something science based at uni.
We discussed with MFL tutor what will happen when he takes a second language in Year 8. School offer Spanish and German to go alongside French.

Except we found out last night that there isn't any choice, even though he is the top set for French. The school is run in two houses, and each house is allocated a language. DS's house will start Spanish in September.
Am I correct in thinking that Spanish isn't a good option to do alongside Science and I should be trying to get the school to
let him do German? I was told that exceptions can be made, but these are normally only if there is a family link to a specific language, although I do wonder if I could elicit support from his science teacher.

What do you think, does it matter? or should I be making a fuss?

meerschweinchen Fri 21-Mar-14 08:51:47

Why do you think Spanish isn't a good option to do alongside Science?

Sunnymeg Fri 21-Mar-14 09:02:54

I was told this by a friend who teaches Spanish and German.

meerschweinchen Fri 21-Mar-14 09:07:40

Yes, but in what way? I teach German, and would say that the logical nature of the language does often appeal to people who are good at Maths and Science. But that still doesn't explain why Spanish would be a bad option!

whatwouldyouchoose Fri 21-Mar-14 09:09:04

I know some amazing Spanish scientists smile

Clavinova Fri 21-Mar-14 09:11:45

Is this just for Year 8? Can he choose German as a new option for Year 9 and drop either Spanish (and/or French) at the end of Year 8? If this is the case I don't think there's a problem as he's top set for French and presumably able at languages. On the other hand he might enjoy the Spanish and stick with it. I don't think either language will really help in any future career unless it's studied to AS/A2 standard.

Nocomet Fri 21-Mar-14 09:23:08

Long ago organic chemistry was written in German, but I don't think that matters much.

A bit of Latin does no harm if your going to be a proper field Biologists and Spanish has quite a few Latin roots. (DH did Latin O level and he makes a fair stab at reading Spanish).

German is far harder than Spanish (and Spainish sea is much warmer and the sangria is nice).

Honestly I don't think it matters.

MillyMollyMama Fri 21-Mar-14 10:31:35

Universities offer a year abroad for scientists and it does not particularly matter what language is studied at GCSE. A level is not necessary but classes at university would be. The school is trying to keep its German teacher employed because Spanish is way more popular than German. He does still have French doesn't he? These are only GCSEs and are hardly going to make much difference to his career unless he studies them to a much higher level or does a year abroad to become fluent.

Sunnymeg Fri 21-Mar-14 14:11:36

Thanks everyone!

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