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Maths again

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inthename Thu 20-Mar-14 23:16:04

I've got a meeting with ds maths teacher (Yr 7 prep school) to review his progress (may remember they shifted him down a group at the beginning of this term) Hes just had an assessment and been told hes a level 5b, would a teacher mind telling me if this is ok for this point in year 7 or if I should still be concerned.

lottysmum Thu 20-Mar-14 23:54:44

I'm not a teacher but sounds fine ....not sure what group he is in ...but top sets in Yr 7 tend to work at level 6/7 (even an 8 in my DD's class)....but I would have thought a midstream child would be working at around 4/5....

noblegiraffe Thu 20-Mar-14 23:57:12

It's ok for a comp, if he was hoping to get say a B at GCSE.

For a prep school where he is presumably working towards high-powered entry exams? I don't know.

inthename Fri 21-Mar-14 00:10:25

Hes working towards CE, typical pass mark for the schools we've looked at is 55% at level 2 or 3.
Been difficult as school only has two maths groups, the 'top' group and the 'middle/bottom' group
School moved him from top to the middle/bottom group at the start of this term.
He was at 4a at the end of yr 6.
English and Science are both level 7, which confused me more!

DeWe Fri 21-Mar-14 09:35:26

I'm guessing 5b would be just above expected level in year 7. As 4b is expected level at the end of year 6, and so 2 sub levels up would be 5c. So it would be okay.

My dd1 is top set at a comprehensive and the best ones were around level 7b at this point in year 7 (7a by the end of the year), but the teacher did say they were a particularly good set, so I don't know if that is usual.
The top end at juniors would be predicted a level 5b at the end of year 5-probably around 10% of the year, again a standard state school.

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