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End of Y7 targets the same as end of Y6 or lower - why?

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grants1000 Wed 19-Mar-14 09:04:56

DS1 is in Y7 and has just had 2nd round of lap reports which show some improvment, but his end of year levels are more or less they same as they were at the end of primary school. I know we are only half way through the year and the school says the levels are not set in stone and can go up as well as down.

He's dyslexic and my concern is that the school has 'low expectation' and therefore 'low input' Analogy, he's hungry so he's fed dry bread when in fact he could be fed a huge baguette with turkey and salad, satisfying his hunger more.

I was in a large seconday school myself and I can see what is happening, top sets are lavished attention, middle sets, you either get on with it yourself or coast and bottom set, well that is the bottom set. I think his issues are just too much bother for them to deal with.

I think his school talk the talk but now were are in it, I don't like what I see. We don't have parents evening until May and I just want to know if I should request a meeting now?

OddBoots Wed 19-Mar-14 09:10:04

If you are worried then by all means talk to him but I think the priority in Y7 is coping with the transition and having the confidence to move on.

You may find most if not all student have targets to match their end of Y6 levels as there is the view (rightly or wrongly) that levels at Y6 are wrongly inflated because of 'teaching to the test' SATs drilling.

Give the school chance to explain, try not to accuse them of anything until they have.

23balloons Wed 19-Mar-14 09:15:38

It is tough when you have a dyslexic child. I would definitely request a meeting or at least email the SENCO for clarification of his targets. Did he meet the targets in primary?

In my sons school they set targets based on the levels reached in SATS and CAT tests, I think it is quite scientific. My son is good at maths and science and this has resulted in him being put in the top sets for all academic subjects. He is dyslexic too and the pressure he is under in subjects like history, RE, languages and English is enormous. He is quite miserable and stressed as he is comparing himself to his non dyslexic peers who are breezing through the work. History is definitely his biggest struggle. Unfortunately his school don't move sets for different subjects and now he doesn't want to move down even though he would probably cope better with the work in written subjects.

It is never going to be easy having a dyslexic child in a mainstream school as most teachers don't understand dyslexia. I would definitely. Once my concerns if your son is upset or finding the work too easy.

tiggytape Wed 19-Mar-14 09:16:53

In theory the level achieved at the end of Year 6 will be the level to start Year 7 on but we haven't found this to be the case for most children.
At primary school it is not unusual for 1/3 children to be deemed a level 5 and for some to be awarded a level 6. Many secondary schools feel this is inflated or at least unrepresentative of a student's day to day capability over the whole subject. Certainly it is not uncommon for children at the end of Year 7 to have achieve the same level as they left primary school on (and this is for top group children too).

Definitely speak to them if you are worried though.

anchovies Wed 19-Mar-14 09:17:01

Year 7 is a massive change for children and personally think if he is happy and keeping up with the work you shouldn't worry too much. Definitely speak to the school and give them chance to explain though, perhaps just send an email to his form tutor? Maybe they just want him to meet/exceed his targets to improve his self esteem or the Y6 levels were inflated. What does your ds think?

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