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Secondary school waiting lists

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tiggytape Tue 18-Mar-14 08:19:30

No direct swaps are ever made no matter who gets what.
It is perfectly possible for parents who wanted school A to get allocated school B (if they live miles from school A or didn't get pulled out the hat for school A) and for parents who wanted school B to get allocated school A for the same reasons.
That doesn't mean someone with a place at school B can swap with someone who has a place at school A so they are both happy - it doesn't work like that.

I also think it would be very rare for it all to be resolved just from the lists. At the end of the waiting list period there will inevitably be people left who still don't have their first choice school and won't ever get their first choice school. It depends how many people move out of the area or go private or Home Ed to free up places for other people to take. It also depends if one school is more popular and less people decline an offer there.

The good news as creamteas says is that 1 vacancy creates a ripple effect because the person who gets an offer from the waiting list then gives up their original allocation creating a new vacancy to be taken up by somebody who then gives up their original allocation and creates a new vacancy etc.

creamteas Tue 18-Mar-14 08:11:34

Some children will go to private school, others will be moving away for other reasons.

As each child moves, a chain reaction starts. A place becomes free at school A, a child allocated school B moves into it, then a child allocated at A moves into B etc etc.

Not sure if this movement will be enough to get everyone their first or second choice. That will depend on the size of the schools and their waiting lists.

Zipitydooda Tue 18-Mar-14 08:01:40

I wondered whether anyone could answer a question that is confusing me about sec school transfer?

In our area we have several schools that select by lottery. This year many children have not got their first choice of school but are all saying they are not worried because the second round etc will sort it all out. What they mean is that some people who put school A as first choice and school B as second choice got school B in the lottery, some put B as first choice but ended up with A in the lottery. Some got school C which they didn't list at all but are still confident of getting a place at A or B.

I hope that's not too indecipherable! I'm confused as to how exactly this all gets sorted out if in fact it does at all? Surely the places would only move when the few private school pupils turn down places entirely and this is not going to sort everything out.

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