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Farringtons school Chislehurst-what do you think?

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chocobaby Mon 17-Mar-14 05:51:51

Hello all
My DS did not get into Colfes and Eltham college and it really knocked himhmm. I quickly registered him to take the Farrington's exam. We have the interview today. I had a tour of the school on friday, but I am not too sure of what it has to offer. Facilities are great though. I need to hear from some mums out there what they think about Farringtons pls.
He also got into Coopers, our local secondary school. If you know anyone in Farringtons or Coopers would you please let me know what they think?
I was a bit disappointed he dis not get into Colfes or Eltham. sad

MarinaResurgens Mon 17-Mar-14 14:00:13

Some children go to Farringtons every year from my dd's school, and I know people with children/grandchildren in Ys 9 and 7 at Cooper's.
Everyone is very happy with their choice! Farringtons is one of those small schools where you are paying for a strong pastoral input to support children who are not academic high-flyers. They are honest about celebrating everyone's potential and achievements rather than their number of As at GCSE. If he is feeling knocked back about his other results locally he will not be alone at Farringtons and it will rebuild his confidence. Coopers is big, businesslike, successful and oversubscribed. It's very good at what it does. Definitely worth considering, especially if classmates are going there too...

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