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boarding schools in Yorkshire

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diddybobster Sat 15-Mar-14 20:36:39

Hi, I am hoping for some recommendations or insight into boarding schools in the Yorkshire region. DD will come back to the UK from overseas in September 2014 to start year 10. Websites only tell you so much and we are not able to visit a good selection as we are all abroad right now. Options are for full or weekly boarding depending on location and state boarding schools are also an option. So far Ashville, Queen Ethelburga's and Harrogate Ladies College have caught my eye. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks

AntoinetteCosway Sat 15-Mar-14 20:40:45

Search for Queen Ethelburga's on here-it is a shockingly awful school. HLC is nice. Ampleforth is great, all the Quaker schools (Bootham, The Mount and Ackworth) are great, Pocklington is really nice too.

meditrina Sat 15-Mar-14 20:40:47

What is your DD like? Boarding schools are only 'good' if they are a good fit for the aptitude and personality of the child.

That said, I've known families at both Ashville and Harrogate Ladies Coolege who have been happy with their choice (but I don't know either well enough to comment in detail).

Northernlurker Sat 15-Mar-14 20:53:52

I know parents happy with Bootham and Pocklington though as day pupils not boarders. Don't touch QE with a barge pole.

diddybobster Sat 15-Mar-14 20:57:44

Thank you for that. DD is outgoing, reasonably academic and quite sporty. As this will be our first boarding school experience I feel quite overwhelmed by the decision we have to make and absolutely agree that the school must be the right one for her personality. She has been offered a place at Dallam in Cumbria but I am still looking at options closer to Leeds where we have family, hence the weekly boarding option. I would also like an international flavour as we have been living abroad for quite some time.

diddybobster Sat 15-Mar-14 21:00:47

Any experience of Ripon Grammar? I will have a look at Bootham and Ampleforth and the others mentioned

happygardening Sat 15-Mar-14 21:02:18

Friends sent all their DC's (5) to Ampleforth, there all different clever, arty, dyslexic and bloody odd. All have/are thriving, all have very done very well, one better than anyone thought possible, all are unassuming and charming even the bloody odd one is now. I personally would rather boil my head than do the RC thing but I understand it's not too bad so maybe fine for some non RCs.

meditrina Sat 15-Mar-14 21:04:05

DH knows people who used Ripon Gramar (few years ago, though) and they loved every aspect of it. Definitely worth a look.

Might Giggleswick be another possibility?

Puffykins Sat 15-Mar-14 21:07:59

Do look at Queen Mary's (Thirsk) too-really nice school and quite small so the girls are really well looked after. She would have to change again for the sixth form though, in which case I'd recommend either Ampleforth or Ripon Grammar. Queen Mary's girls go on to both, so she wouldn't lose the friends she had made.

diddybobster Sat 15-Mar-14 21:21:59

Happygardening, thanks for mentioning the religious aspect. I have been looking at websites of the schools recommended on here and while they look great, I am wondering how DD, from our non religious family, would fit in? Or even be eligible to attend?

drspouse Sat 15-Mar-14 21:24:49

I had a friend whose DC went to Dallam for a while (they were weekly I think and the family moved away, nothing wrong with the school) but they said it was quite international. They seemed really pleased - friend is a teacher too so knows her onions.

happygardening Sat 15-Mar-14 21:36:48

You don't have to be RC to go but I don't think you would be happy with a lot of the stuff that goes on if you were a dyed in the wool atheist like me who thinks RC's are hypocrites!

Northernlurker Sat 15-Mar-14 21:39:58

I would urge you to look at the Quaker schools in that case. I love their ethos - very tolerant.

Northernlurker Sat 15-Mar-14 21:42:08

We can't afford Bootham for our girls but I would have loved to send them there. this is why

AntoinetteCosway Sat 15-Mar-14 21:48:16

Ripon Grammar is a lovely school. I've only ever heard good things about it.

Ampleforth is RC as said upthread but you don't have to be RC to attend. I'd say it would be difficult to be there if you were an atheist though as the religious aspect of school life is important to them-Mass once a week, prayers in house daily etc. There are plenty of non-Catholic Christians there who are very happy.

diddybobster Sat 15-Mar-14 21:50:32

Thank you for all the replies. I like Dallam and it is very international. Maybe I am overdoing the decision but it is a huge one! It has to be right for her and she needs to be happy given how far away we will be from her

AntoinetteCosway Sat 15-Mar-14 21:53:31

Northern I completely agree with you on the Quaker schools. All three of them produce the nicest, most well rounded, thoughtful individuals. I am such a fan of Quaker education.

leeloo1 Sat 15-Mar-14 22:44:09

Giggleswick is lovely.

umbrellahead Sat 15-Mar-14 23:06:41

All the schools mentioned are as far as I know pretty international, however I would expect Ripon Grammar to be less so and in general empty out at weekends. Given the age of your daughter do you think she would prefer to be in a city with more freedom? With Bootham/Peter's/The Mount being in York would be great as you have access to cinemas and shopping as well as more local friends to socialise with at weekends.

Although in general I would recommend Bootham or The Mount over St Peter's, as your daughter is sporty have you considered the latter? It definitely has a stronger reputation as a sporty school with the opportunity to do extra sports like rowing however I can't comment on other aspects such as the ethos.

meditrina Sat 15-Mar-14 23:09:54

I know a family who were very happy at St Peters and woukd recommend. Their DC (all outgoing and sporty, one very much so) did well there (went on to good universities) but they were day pupils, so I don't really know anything about what it's like for boarders.

Firsttimemum2012 Sat 15-Mar-14 23:12:39

If your family are in Leeds have you considered Woodhouse Grove, between Bradford and Leeds?

cathyandclaire Sat 15-Mar-14 23:21:08

What about St Peter's, I know lots of people who are happy there?

cathyandclaire Sat 15-Mar-14 23:21:51

Sorry x posted or didn't read the thread properly

MamaPingu Sat 15-Mar-14 23:27:15

Quakers is meant to be a really good boarding school! smile

People often send their children from abroad there as it has a good reputation, although I assume others are the same?

SauceForTheGander Sat 15-Mar-14 23:30:05

I'm an ex pupil of Quaker boarding school.

St Peters or Bootham are best IMO. A friend has her son at bootham and he's blissfully happy

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