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Burlington Danes - Sixth Form

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HPparent Fri 14-Mar-14 16:51:44

Hello, currently have a child at Holland Park but doubt she will get the grades to stay on for Sixth. Has anyone got any info about the Sixth Form at BDA or indeed the school itself in recent years.

I have seen the online prospectus and the range of courses looks good but I was wondering about Art teaching in particular and general behavior and pastoral care.

I am an Old Burlingtonian myself but left more than 30 years ago!

DalmationDots Sun 16-Mar-14 09:21:32

I have heard good things about ARK, the schools have really high standards and are very organised. Behaviour is meant to be very good.
I don't know if you are too far away but King Solomons is opening a new sixth form in westminster which might be worth a look?

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