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Reed's School Vs Loughborough Grammar School

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carriecarrie Wed 12-Mar-14 06:40:03

Hi, there, any one can comment on both school? My boy is having offers at G10. Hard to compare esp we are not familar with UK ? Million thanks.

bettys Wed 12-Mar-14 10:04:40

What is G10? Assume you are looking at boarding, what year? There are several threads on Reed's if you search. I have a ds at the school but not boarding.

mummytime Wed 12-Mar-14 20:03:50

I didn't even realise Loughborough Grammar did boarding! The two schools are situated a long way apart, so I doubt there are many people who know much about them both - and any who do will know little about at least one.

Are you looking for a Sixth form place? Why are you looking at these two schools?
How will your son get to school? Are there easy flights from where you live to East Midland's Airport? Otherwise I would have thought Loughborough Grammar was a school to get to.

carriecarrie Thu 13-Mar-14 08:22:53

We locate in Asia and plan to our son aboard, however, we are not familiar with boarding schools in UK. My boy just got offers from these 2 schools , Reed�s and Loughborough Grammar at Grade 10 (Fourth Form) after entrances exams and interviews . After went through the ISI reports of these schools , both seems good school and it is hard to make decision.

Anyone who have kids study in Loughborough ? Please comment the teaching and boarding life of 50 kids? Not sure the numbers of full boarding ?

Anyone who have kids study in Reed�s School? Please comment the teaching. Though there are about 90 boarders with large portion of weekly boarders, is it quite empty in boarding house? Worried the small portion of kids get nothing to do during weekends?

I also read the threads about Reed�s which was commented a sports school before and now tries to get a balance in academic side. How it works now? My boy is not that sporty , will he fit in ?

bettys Thu 13-Mar-14 14:15:02

Congratulations on the offers. I know nothing about Loughborough though.
My ds is a day boy at Reed's so I can't comment on the boarding aspect, although they do seem to have activities at weekends for those who are there full-time.

There are plenty of boys who aren't sporty at Reed's, and lots of non-sporty activities. It's just that the sports facilities are so fantastic that it is often focused on. On the academic side it might help to check out the academic results page on the website.

carriecarrie Fri 14-Mar-14 02:36:42

Thanks, Bettys. What grade you boy is in? happy ?
Do the teachers really do the teaching instead of �read in class�? That is I experience now. Though my boy is studying in an elite school in home country , most of the kids there join tuition classes outside school. Kind of studying in 2 schools , one in daytime , one at night. That�s not the way should go. So, hope try to put the kid in a good place to pursuing his dreams though it is very expensive in monetary terms, not to mention the sadness of having the family miles apart.

Do teachers in Reed�s have patience in teaching? How�s the relation between teachers and students? How�s the learning atmosphere in classroom ? What is the reasons/ impact that Reed�s turns the subjects from GCSE into IGCSE? More challenging? Higher recognition?

bettys Fri 14-Mar-14 10:53:08

Ds is in year 9, so choosing GCSEs. He is very happy at the school and thoroughly enjoys it there.

Er, yes the teachers really do teach instead of read! Your experience of 'elite' (private?) school sounds very strange - here pupils would only be doing tuition outside school if they either couldn't keep up in class or were studying something not taught at school. Pupils are set in different bands in most subjects so they are taught according to their strengths.

Teachers vary in character, but the ones I have met at parents' evening have a very good understanding of the pupils, and are mostly patient, humorous and good-natured. They all know the boys well, and the relations between teacher and pupil tend to be respectful but quite jolly - in my experience anyway, but that could be down to ds's sense of humour and the general male atmosphere.

I haven't personally been in the classroom while teaching is going on but they seem to accomplish a lot in the lessons. The boys are certainly engaged and interested in the subjects. The school day is very full, either with lessons, activities or sport.

Most Independent schools study for IGCSEs especially in sciences and maths as they offer a more interesting curriculum.

It might help you to talk to a parent with a child from abroad boarding full-time. If you contact the registrar (Mr Gilliat) he might be able to put you in touch with someone.

carriecarrie Mon 17-Mar-14 02:47:42

Dear bettys,
Thank for your detailed feedback. Very much appreciated.
If all subjects are divided by different set accounting to strength, then how many pupil in one set approximately?

bettys Mon 17-Mar-14 18:32:31

About 18

mamino1 Wed 26-Mar-14 05:06:26

Hi carriecarrie,

have you made up your decision on your son's school offer yet?
I am in Asia and my DD has received offer from Reed's in Yr 12, I am struggling on the decision too.

mamino1 Thu 27-Mar-14 01:51:37

Hi carriecarrie,

I am in Asia and considering reed's for my daughter too. Have you confirmed your offer yet?

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