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Help needed with AQA Sociology GCSE

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Phaedra11 Sat 08-Mar-14 13:55:32

DS1 is in year 11. For reasons I won't go into, his Sociology teaching has been much poorer than with any of his other subjects and his Sociology mock exam gave him his weakest result. He did pretty well in all the others. Helping him revise recently, I realised that though he has a good understanding of some of the syllabus, there are other areas he knows nothing about and he claims he has not been taught about it.

I have had a look at the AQA past papers and mark scheme so I have some idea now of what is being looked for and I can see he is in danger of falling short.

Does anyone have any suggestions re. books, websites etc which might be helpful. We have the Collins AQA text book which seems okay if a little basic and lacking some of the more contemporary content mentioned on the AQA website. I recommended he tried to make sure he revised everything in the text book, excluding the section on Power as the school have said this isn't necessary as it is the fifth section in a paper where you only have to complete four.

However DS says there is no need to remember everything in the textbook as, for example, the names of sociologists such as Young and Wilmott or Anne Oakley will not be necessary. He seems more inclined to revise from school notes which seem even more limited than the textbook.

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated!

cherrypiesally Sat 08-Mar-14 23:17:02

If you sign up to sociology resourced website you can search for revision booklets made and shared by teachers. I don't have the link on my ipad so will msg again Monday from my work computer with a link.

He needs to know content of studies and relevance, names not as important as knowing approx date of study so he can evaluate the relevance of the study to contemporary material. However knowing the classic names will not hurt him.

Collins also publish a revision book, but also not detailed. I agree the Collins text is awful, I rarely use it with my class but instead produce my own material.

He can leave the power section out as they have to answer 3 topics out iof 4 on unit 2.

He will need to focus on his interpretation and evaluation skills for the 12 mark essays.


Phaedra11 Sun 09-Mar-14 06:25:52

Thank you so much, cherrypiesally. I think I've found the website -resourcd?
I've had a quick look and have already found a great guide to AQA GCSE social inequality and some tips on how to answer the 12 mark question. Just going to pop back and investigate further now. Thanks again!

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