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YR11 revision

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sbutt78 Wed 05-Mar-14 13:43:23

Banging my head against a brick wall (not literally obviously lol)....

Trying to make my DS1 realise that he should start revising now for his gcse's is hard work! He's just started attending after school revision for maths and science. I've drawn him up a revision timetable which I've told him will be starting next week. All he wants to do is play his Xbox!!!!

I've suggested he come home from school 4pm have a snack and a break and then do some revision 5-7pm then after dinner he can go on his xbox, does everything think that sounds ok?

Is 2 hours a night too much, i've suggested 15 mins on each subject/topic.

eatyourveg Wed 05-Mar-14 14:02:54

ds3 is also doing 2 hours a night but 15 mins per subject/topic doesn't give much time and I wouldn't have thought it possible to do a topic justice in that time. 15 minutes on a cgp style workbook would be reasonable though if that's more what you had in mind.

ds3's timetable started in earnest on Monday. One subject a night at the moment which he splits into 3 x 40 min chunks. He decides on the topic. I think he will be ok with the 2 hours depending on how heavy the amount of homework is (seems to be an endless run of past papers being sent home at the moment) If ds3 is still working at 9.30pm though, I think I will probably tell him to stop so he gets enough chill time before bed.

sbutt78 Wed 05-Mar-14 14:06:15

Thank you eatyourveg....

I'll chat to him about what he'll be revising and how much time he'll need per chunk. I'm glad you agree that 2 hours in enough :-) I'm sure DS1 is going to say the opposite wink

eatyourveg Wed 05-Mar-14 15:27:19

I'm sure the 2 hours (on top of regular homework) will increase the nearer the time gets but imo if he's up til all hours of the night revising he won't be in a fit state to take in anything from his lessons the following day. No study leave here and looking at the exam timetable half of them are before the May half term. Thankfully school are operating revision sessions every day of the Easter holiday bar the bank holidays too

Not sure how long he'll do at weekends, this weekend will be the first in earnest and I can't remember what ds1 did and ds2 is sn so was spared the whole thing. What have you suggested for your ds at weekends? The revision timetable here has him down for one subject in the morning and one in the afternoon. School homework volume will determine it I suppose.

I would have thought having set xbox time would be the way to go and always as a reward not as a right.

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