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Aylesbury Grammar / Sir Henry Floyd

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BoyMeetsWorld Wed 05-Mar-14 07:21:22

Anyone have experience of these schools since they converted to academy status & can share their experiences?


Notnowcato Wed 05-Mar-14 11:54:56

We have now moved from the area so have lost touch but I did look round both about three years ago to try to decide for my DD (and later my two DSs). One major difference, of course, is that Aylesbury Grammar is all boys whereas your son (I'm guessing) would get a co-ed experience at Henry Floyd. For me, at the time, I preferred the latter as neither of my boys are particularly alpha-male/sporty and AG felt much more 'public school' in that respect. I also got the impression that AG saw itself as much more academic and some of the parents I was being shown round with had started their children with extra 11 plus lessons when their sons were in Year 2!!!! I just didn't like the vibe. Sorry, probably not much use as I am very out of date. Have you visited?

BoyMeetsWorld Wed 05-Mar-14 11:57:21

No not yet - my son is only in YR lol but we are in the process of moving house & trying to select which catchment area we want to move into. I know I'm happy with the upper school option for the Princes Risborough area but didn't know anything about the two grammar options if he passes the 11+

Notnowcato Wed 05-Mar-14 12:09:35

Aha. Which are your other possible schools? I have to say, I wasn't terribly grabbed by Henry Floyd either and am glad that I didn't have to choose between them in the end. (We're now in an area without grammar schools which brings its own challenges!) I think some of the other Bucks grammar schools are nice but it all depends what you are looking for. I have looked round lots of schools over the years (!) and you do get a very clear feel about a place when you are there. You shouldn't feel odd about asking to look around even if your son is in reception! Honestly, the school would be flattered!

If your son is very academic and/or sporty then AG might be just the place for him. Although I do have reservations about all boys schools. Incidentally, the choice for my DD would have been easy: the High School in Aylesbury, just over the way from AG, was absolutely lovely and I would have loved her to have gone there. I think girls do well without boys but am really not sure about the other way around. (Both my parents were secondary school teachers as is my sister.)

Hope you get some more informed comment soon.

ReadyisKnitting Wed 05-Mar-14 12:10:50

I have a friend with a son at the grammar. She's happy with it, however like all schools it suits a certain type of boy. Last sept we went round loads of the schools for dss, this sept for ds and tbh we were impressed with all of them, and for different reasons for each! The only one with an iffy rep atm is the Mandeville school, which is in or just skating above special measures.

Where are you thinking of moving to <nosy!>

BoyMeetsWorld Wed 05-Mar-14 12:30:11

Princes Risborough.

DS1 is sporty, and academic to a point (ahead of his year group but no einstein!). Very hard to be sure yet as he's only 5!

What were people's reservations about Henry Floyd?

Burmahere Wed 05-Mar-14 12:39:56

You have to ask yourself a very big question here - what if he doesn't get into one of the grammars? Then what? The options in many parts of grammar counties are not great. People always assume that their child will pass the 11+ but statistically most children don't - you need to thoroughly consider the alternatives.

BoyMeetsWorld Wed 05-Mar-14 12:52:03

Burmahere - yes, we've already thought of that. We're trying to choose an area where we're happy with all catchments - upper school (non grammar), grammar AND primary for his younger brother...not easy!!

We actually like Princes Rosborough High if he didn't get into grammar although I know some people would disagree!

ReadyisKnitting Wed 05-Mar-14 14:22:35

Risborough looked really good, dss had it as his 3rd choice. The senco at ds's school talks highly of its pastoral care, and we'll be looking very closely at it. Plus it has an asd-arp!

Tbh, they're both so young, and whether high achievers or not a grammar might not be where is best, you'll see his strengths develop as he gets older. And round here we have a choice of excellent secondaries, not just grammars. Make sure he's in a primary he's happy with.

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