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Waiting lists - how soon after 4 March are we likely to hear?

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DizzyDazzle Mon 03-Mar-14 23:27:18

DD (very fortunate I know) has 2 offers and 1 waitlist. Declined one offer as soon as, but second want to know by 4 March, and waitlist (at her 'fave school by miles'!) said would notify after 4 March. Does anyone have any experience of this? How long is it likely to take for her waitlist to come back, and will they still notify if unsuccessful ... or is this about as good as the 'how long is a piece of string?' ??

The offer is a dilemma mainly due to distance, as she is concerned about length of days, travel etc. If I find the £1000 acceptance deposit to secure the place, am I then liable to a term's fees if I turn it down? T&C's state "This acceptance will not be withdrawn or cancelled without a term's notice or a term's fees (less deposit/s held by the School) paid in lieu" ... SO if waitlist became an offer and I declined the place as soon as I found out, would that still be a term's notice or would I have to pay fees???

Does anyone have any experience or advice? Single mum with only walls to offer advice & they're not providing any!! Thank you ....

Dalliance Tue 04-Mar-14 07:09:11

I read it as a term's notice (any less then you have to pay a term's fees) and you would lose your 1000 pound deposit. That's the price really of keeping your options open.

Another alternative is to try and seek a short extension from the offered school without going into to many details though - if they do agree that is likely to be only a few days if they agree as they may have people waitlisted also.

LIZS Tue 04-Mar-14 08:16:55

If you gave notice before the start of next term (but check contract just in case it is the end of this one) you wouldn't be liable for the term's fees but would lose your deposit. do you know how far down the lists he is and whether those in that position in past years have got in eventually? Is it really the right school for her if she hasn't got in already on merit ?

DizzyDazzle Tue 04-Mar-14 09:20:06

Thank you! Dalliance, am awaiting a call back from Reserve list school to see if they are able to clarify timespan at all, so that I can call the offered school to see if short extension possible. LIZS thank you, I was told top half of list, but no idea how long a list! I really appreciate your view re if she hasn't already got in on merit as I'm a huge believer in merit only. She was really off form on this school, first interview, and then exam - I think because she wanted it so much she was nervous! She wasn't at all nervous for other schools, and was only child (of many) from her school to even pass exams and get to interview stage, at her other offers. Her current Head was staggered she didn't get offered there, so I think taking those factors in she'd excel, not least of all as she wants it so much and is scarily driven (not sure where she gets that from!)! Really appreciate responses, thanks. Here's hoping ...

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