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Lucky to have G&L offer, can anyone quell minor reservation?

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swamper Thu 27-Feb-14 11:49:30

Our DD is fortunate to have offers from G&L and Latymer. We are having trouble deciding between the two and currently leaning toward G&L, on the grounds of perceived slightly calmer and more supportive environment and ever-so-slightly better league table performance. Not much to go on. They're both great, if quite different in obvious respects! I have heard whisperings that G&L's communication with/attitude toward parents can fall a bit short. We had a bad experience in early primary years with a sniffy school that talked down to us and/or shrugged off or got defensive about concerns. Can anyone with a DD at G&L tell me whether you have any such concerns about G&L? Not sure whether it would be a deal-breaker, but I would hate to enter another environment where we as parents felt sidelined and/or patronized. We're not at all neurotic constant complainers. We simply want a place that considers parents partners in the education process to the extent that you can find out what's going on occasionally and discuss it with teachers on a peer-to-peer level. Any thoughts much appreciated!

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