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redheaded84 Tue 25-Feb-14 14:42:06

hello everyone,

i am new to this site not sure how it all works.

my daughter came home yesterday very up set that she could not pick the subjects she had set her heart on picking for a gcse for the past two years because they are not in her band options.

i have spoke to the school this morning and they are going to give her access to some off the gcse lesson which she has a choice of but mine and her disappointment is not that she is unsure of the lesson textiles, photography and hospitality but that the lessons are not going to help her active qualification in the areas in which she see's her self working in either childcare or a social worker. she has always had her heart set on history, art, graphics and sociology which she likes, enjoys, had her teacher ask her to pick because she is good in them and help her achieve her personal goals.

i understand as along as she gets good grades when she finishes her gcse's in 2 years she can then move on to the subjects of her choice and pursues her carer path then, but why waste 2 years on a subjects she does not find inspiring or interested in.

TeenAndTween Tue 25-Feb-14 15:05:59

So they are saying she should do textiles, photography and hospitality? She would rather do history, art, graphics and sociology?

She eventually wants to do childcare / social worker.

What kind of levels do you expect her to be at by the end of year 9?
They seem to be sending her down a less-academic route. Whereas history and Sociology in particular are more essay skilled based. Does she struggle with writing?

I don't think particularly that any of the options you have listed will massively help along her desired careers route. But her preferred ones may leave her choices more open in the future if she can get grade C or above for them.

Childcare level3 at 6th form she will need 5 passes incl English and Maths. you can progress from that to SW I believe. (Have looked into it a bit for my DD).

Are there other options eg Health & Social care that might be more relevant to her but still not on the rigorously academic line?

redheaded84 Tue 25-Feb-14 15:48:26

yes that is the options the school are offering her as well as history but she can not do art, graphic and sociology.

yes and they are her chosen carers.

sociology this year also covers childcare and social work as well as its other aspects this year. health and social care is not a option as they are now part of sociology.

she is in a mixture of sets but atm is working to the top of her classes in most subjects eg maths, religious studies, art, ict plus a few more grades like 5a-5b in english she needs to broaden her vocab more and reread her work for small spelling and grammar mistakes which gives her a grade of 4b.

she knows what it entails to be in childcare as i am a childminder myself so offers a helping hand (like homework with some of the children and reading) asks questions and read my childcare books ect she has a love for helping people in different ways.

TeenAndTween Tue 25-Feb-14 15:57:14

I suspect it is her English level that is causing this then, as 4b is the expected level for end of primary. They may be concerned that either the general workload of art (always said to be very high) & the essay writing content of sociology will be too much, and they may be expecting her to need extra English lessons to get her to a passing C grade.

Passing the English (and Maths) is the most important thing as not passing may well prevent her accessing level 3 qualifications at 6th form.

Maybe you should ask for a meeting with the school (her tutor, year head, or the teacher in charge of options) to help you understand their reasoning, and to put your DD's views.

creamteas Tue 25-Feb-14 17:59:49

Round here entry to level 3 courses for either childcare or health and social care require 4 GCSE grade C including English & Maths at the local FE college.

So whist not ideal, the options would not necessarily rule out progression into her chosen career options even if you can't talk the school round.

cherrypiesally Tue 25-Feb-14 18:23:39

Hi. Double check the sociology info via exam board websites; none of the current specifications cover childcare or social work. Sociology as an academic subject at all levels isn't childcare or health and social care so I would be questioning the school closely about this. They are also essay heavy. We require a minimum of level 5 from our students for all humanities subjects, preferably higher if possible. X

crazymum53 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:15:53

The Hospitality and Catering option would help with a future career in childcare as part of the course is planning a healthy diet for children.
Does the school offer a Child development option for GCSE as this would be very useful.
However to go to study level 3 childcare or Health and Social Care you wouldn't need to have studied these subjects at GCSE. Having some work experience in a childcare setting sounds more useful than doing a GCSE though.

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