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CLSG vs Latymer Upper vs Godolphin vs SHHS vs Francis Holland Regents Park

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barbosska Mon 24-Feb-14 23:31:06

I am new to this forum, and spent last several days reading school reviews about the 11+ schools for DD.

She has offers from CLSG, Latymer Upper , Godolphin & Latymer, SHHS, Francis Holland Regents Park. DD is bright but not genius, studious, hard-working, academic type of girl. Very competitive and gets upset if is not the best at something.

She likes art and is good at it but has not won any art scholarships, so is not the strongest. Enjoys drama too. Plays an instrument, but more for pleasure than for graded exams. Speaks three languages. Can sit and read a book for a day non-stop and then re-read it several times later. Likes science and math, is very good at mental math. Does not like creative writing/comprehension, although is good at them too. Is not very attentive to details, as can be thinking of one thing whilst doing another. Gets quickly bored with repetitive tasks.

Personality wise, kind inside but robust on the outside. Not obsessed with fashion, but is not a blue stocking either. Likes an idea of co-ed but does not rule out the girls only school. Does not like changes and it takes her a VERY long time to accept them, so I feel it is important to get the school as right as possible now, rather than try and change later.

I think we have to let FH due to stronger academic profile of other schools, although we both felt it is a very caring school.

So the choice is between the other four. Commute wise they are about the same 35-45 minutes, although I am a bit uncomfortable with a walk from tube to LU, but she can take a bus, if we go for it.

If you read this post and have a DD with a similar profile to mine, and she is happy academically and socially at one of the above schools, please share your experience. Or if you have a knowledge of a particular school and think my DD’s profile would fit it well, please let me know. Thank you

basildonbond Tue 25-Feb-14 06:48:48

She sounds very like my dd - and to be honest she will be fine wherever she goes. Pick whichever school has the easiest journey and where she has the best chance of making local-ish friends. You don't need to worry about which is the most academic - if she's bright and hard-working she will get good results at all of them

Iseenyou Tue 25-Feb-14 06:59:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Needmoresleep Tue 25-Feb-14 07:24:55

Co-eds often do maths/science well as many of the boys prefer these subjects. This is likely to be particularly true of LU where competition for boys places is stronger than for girls. (Though both extremely competitive.)

Is her competitiveness mainly with other girls or across the class. If the former, co-eds can dilute the pressure groups of girls can generate amongst themselves. Though in a mixed school quieter girls may find brighter boys may try to dominate.

LU is opposite a Tube station. Did you mean G&L? If so there is quite a procession before and after school and it is a fairly busy road.

And well done to your DD.

barbosska Tue 25-Feb-14 13:32:42

Thank you everyone so much for their views and opinions - this forum and its members are such a valuable resource!

Needmoresleep, DD is in girls only school, so she is competitive with the girls in the academic, not a social sense.

Iseenyou, yes, LU is next to RavenscoutPark tube, but DD would have to walk from Hammersmith tube, hence the worries. You maybe right, she maybe happier at the top at a slightly less academic school. Having said that, I know of girls who left GL because were not challenged enough, and DD has an inquisitive mind, so it is also may be better not to be at the top but to have access to a wider curriculum. In any event we need to work with her on this, as you are right - being at the top does not always bring happiness.

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